Fairbanks man gets new charges added to his criminal indictment

Second degree murder charges have been added to an already lengthy criminal indictment for 31-year-old Paul Augustus Kirsteatter.

According to Alaska State Troopers, Kirsteatter was legally under the influence when he crashed his Ford pick-up truck into a late model Dodge Neon during the early morning hours of April 7th.

Colton Fettig and Jordan Boggs, both 22, were killed, and two others, 18-year-old Gerald Noy and 20-year-old Hannah Gustafson were injured.

Authorities initially held off on murder charges in the case while they awaited toxicology results on Kirsteatter's blood-alcohol level.

Late last week, a local grand jury indicted Kirsteatter on an eight-count criminal complaint that includes the murder charges.

During an arraignment today, attorneys representing him entered pleas of not guilty on all charges.

Trial in his case is set for late June.



I guess I'm not surprised that "Paul" would plead NOT guilty, just goes to show who he really is, why take responsibity for your actions when you think you might get away with MURDER!Shame on you Paul.