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Dismay in Libya capital as 'liberators' vie for power

Residents of the Libyan capital complain the armed groups they hailed as liberators for toppling Moamer Kadhafi have become their oppressors as opposing alliances back rival governments in their struggle for power. A city that was ultra-safe during Kadhafi's four-decade dictatorship has become a place of fear, constantly on tenterhooks for a new eruption of fighting between the competing former rebel militias, many of them from outside Tripoli. The battle for control of Libya's oil and gas wealth has intensified as preparations step up for a June 25 general election with competing caretaker governments laying claim to power, one from the cabinet office, the other from a five-star hotel. One is backed by Islamists and militia from Libya's third city Misrata to the east.

Obama accepts U.S. veterans affairs chief resignation with 'regret'

By David Alexander and Mark Felsenthal WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned on Friday following a meeting with President Barack Obama that came amid a firestorm of outrage over delays in medical care for U.S. veterans. Shortly after the private White House session, Obama announced to reporters that "with considerable regret, I accepted" Shinseki's resignation. The move came after a growing number of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, as well as some veterans' groups, had called for his removal. Obama said he accepted the resignation of the soft-spoken, 71-year-old retired Army general after being briefed on the initial findings of the investigation into abuses that were initially found in Phoenix but later identified at other facilities across the country.

Thai junta chief rules out elections for at least a year

Thailand's junta chief on Friday ruled out elections for at least a year to have time for political "reforms", defending the recent military coup in the face of rising international alarm. "The (ruling military regime) have a timeframe of one year and three months to move towards elections," said army chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha in a televised national address over a week after the army takeover. Only after this could elections be held. Thailand's military seized power on May 22 -- the 19th actual or attempted putsch in its modern history -- and set about rounding up scores of political figures, academics and activists.

Jihadists kidnap nearly 200 Kurds in Syria: NGO

Beirut (AFP) - Syria's most extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), have kidnapped nearly 200 Kurdish civilians from the Aleppo area, a monitor said on Friday.