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Stop Slut-Shaming Monica!

Sixteen years after the affair heard ’round the world, Lewinsky is back with a Vanity Fair essay. And while we’ve all forgiven Bill Clinton, we can’t seem to quit blaming his intern.

The Church’s $18M School Bus Bailout

The cash-strapped commonwealth is spending millions to fund student busing at private, mostly parochial schools—and while it might seem unconstitutional, don’t expect it to change soon.

This Simple Fix Could Have Saved MH370

The industry has known for five years how hard it is to find a plane at the bottom of the ocean, yet it’s done nothing since.

Tom’s Diner Goes Graphic

Mimi Pond’s ‘Over Easy’ is part coming-of-age story, part shrewd dissection of a boho scene, and an altogether delightful graphic novel.

The Elf Whisperer of Iceland

From the wild weather to the harsh landscape, Iceland has its fair share of mystifying phenomena. But none is more fascinating than the elves. They’re real. And this woman will save them.

How Models Get Robbed on the Runway

Models look glamorous and never less than perfect on the billboards. But they claim they’re not being paid properly for looking this fabulous—and now they’re fighting back.

The Next Great Coppola

Gia Coppola’s debut, ‘Palo Alto,’ an engaging and poetic teenage drama based on James Franco’s stories, ushers in another generation of filmmaking from the famous family.

The Banks’ ‘War’ on Porn

Several porn stars have taken to Twitter to complain that Chase has shut down their accounts, and the Department of Justice has been accused of being behind the moral policing.

What to Do When Russia Invades Your Land

As Ukraine responds to a Russian stealth invasion, few countries can empathize. But the republic of Georgia has been there before, in 2008. And it’s got some advice for Kiev.

Italy’s Scariest Serial Killer Returns

The torture and murder of a young prostitute has Italians worried that one of the country’s most notorious serial killers may be back in action.