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US VP Biden to visit Cyprus in peace push

Cyprus confirmed on Monday that US Vice President Joe Biden will arrive on the divided island later this month to help push forward the UN-sponsored peace process. Government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides told state radio that Biden has accepted an invitation from President Nicos Anastasiades and that preparations were being made for the visit. He said the exact dates of the trip will be discussed on Tuesday in Washington between US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides. The official Cyprus News Agency said he will encourage confidence-building measures such as allowing experts to enter the Turkish-controlled ghost town of Varosha to prepare a master plan for its revival.

Drone kills six Qaeda suspects in Yemen 'war on terror'

A drone strike killed six Al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen's east Monday, the first such raid since government troops launched their biggest offensive on the jihadists in two years, tribesmen said. In the capital Sanaa, the US embassy announced the mission \"will remain closed for consular services through May 15,\" adding that it could remain shut for even longer depending on the situation. The pilotless aircraft deployed over eastern Yemen on Monday targeted a vehicle near Al-Husun, a village in Marib province, killing at least six \"Al-Qaeda members\", tribal sources told AFP. The United States is the only country operating drones over Yemen, but US officials rarely acknowledge the covert programme.

Energy bill caught up in Keystone XL dispute

WASHINGTON (AP) — Days after President Barack Obama touted executive actions aimed at increasing energy efficiency, a bill with similar goals is expected to fall victim to partisan gridlock in the Senate.

Macedonia opposition skips president's swearing-in

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonia's center-left opposition has refused to attend a ceremony in parliament to swear in President Gjorge Ivanov for a second five-year term, insisting that the country should hold a new election.

Inside Putin's Rigged Ukraine Election

The referendum in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk on Sunday followed the same Kremlin rules we saw in Crimea, and likely will have the same result, dismembering Ukraine.

Stealth Subs Could Sink America’s Navy

The U.S. military is relying on sub-hunting tech that’s decades old. Meanwhile, the targets they’re trying to find are getting quieter and more invisible by the day.

Keystone Pipeline Is DC’s Dumbest Debate

The Keystone XL pipeline won’t have a significant impact on the climate or American energy independence. So why is Washington still freaking out over it?

Holocaust Horrors Haunt Two Films

Both ‘Ida’ and ‘The German Doctor’ take place long after World War II, but the rancid legacy of the Nazis continues to stain the lives of survivors good and bad.