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My Therapist Dumped Me

What happens when the man who you entrust with your secrets and feelings suddenly decides he’s no longer interested?

Docs, Stop Forcing Circumcision

The debate is a hot one among parents, and the health benefits are questioned by medical professionals. Some “pro-circers” liken “anti-circers” to anti-vaxxers. Is that a stretch?

Supreme Court’s War on Democracy

The conservative-controlled court is taking out one campaign finance law after another. Will Americans keep going to polls if they know it doesn’t matter?

Wrong About Alzheimer’s All Along

Most researchers think the disease is caused by the build-up of beta amyloid. But over 100 drugs targeting it have failed. Have they been focusing on the wrong protein all this time?

Harvard Hurts Sex Assault Victims

Why does a university use an antiquated definition of sexual assault, put the burden of evidence on victims, and discourage prosecution of cases?

Inside a Media Massacre

New Jersey’s biggest paper gets gutted—right when local reporters are most needed in Newark and Trenton.

A Pro-Pot, Anti-NSA Senator?

Meet Shenna Bellows, Maine’s former ACLU chief who’s looking to unseat Susan Collins with a mix of left and right issues that might appeal to millennials.

Game of Thrones' Sexy New Cast

HBO’s sprawling fantasy epic returns for its fourth season on Sunday, April 9, and there will be plenty of new faces gracing Westeros.

He’s the Worst (But You Love Him)

What’s it like to play a stain of a human being on TV? Timothy Simons on being the lovably “jolly green jizzface” Jonah Ryan on ‘Veep.’

Dave’s Late-Night Nation

There’s been no comedy voice more influential to our generation of Americans than David Letterman. The master of ‘found comedy’ leaves television forever changed.

Health insurance isn't a year-round thing anymore

WASHINGTON (AP) — Here's more fallout from the health care law: Until now, customers could walk into an insurance office or go online to buy standard health care coverage any time of year. Not anymore.

'Cuban Twitter' heads to hearings in Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the U.S. government agency that secretly created a "Cuban Twitter" communications network designed to undermine the communist government in Cuba is expected to testify next week before a senator who thinks the whole idea was "dumb, dumb, dumb." The congressional hearing could resolve key questions around the clandestine program, including whether the Obama administration adequately informed lawmakers about its plans.