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Kerry: Israeli, Palestinian leaders must 'lead'

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Frustrated by Israeli and Palestinian actions that have complicated his furious effort to salvage foundering peace talks, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday exhorted leaders on both sides to "lead" and to do so now to prevent the negotiations from collapsing.

Israeli-Palestinian talks at 'critical' stage: Kerry

Talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are at a critical moment although progress was made in overnight discussions, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday. The talks ran into trouble at the weekend when Israel refused to release a group of Palestinian prisoners under the terms of a previous accord unless it received assurances that the Palestinian leadership would continue with negotiations beyond an initial end-April deadline. Aimed at creating a Palestinian state and ending a decades-long conflict, the talks have also stalled over Palestinian opposition to Israel's demand that it be recognized as a Jewish state, and the issue of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Broken Hearts Can Kill You

Yes, your heart really can break, and tragic events play a role. A recent study shows a correlation between natural disasters and “broken heart syndrome.”

I Was Australia’s Anna Wintour

In May 2012, Kristie Clements was unceremoniously fired after serving as editor of 'Vogue Australia' for 13 years. In an excerpt from her new book, she remembers the day it all changed.

Terrorizing Our Schools

In the rush to protect students from the next Adam Lanza, states required towns to prepare for the worst. Are fake blood and simulated killings necessary though?

Rock’s Most Magnetic Frontman

Future Islands singer Samuel T. Herring’s performance on David Letterman blew up the Internet. Get acquainted with indie rock’s next big thing.

Korean Conflict’s Weird Wartech

The six decade long standoff on the Korean peninsula has spawned an offbeat arsenal on both sides of the DMZ.

Paul Ryan: Still a Total Jerk

With the release of his bizarre budget this week, the congressman from Wisconsin proves once again that he’s a wishy-washy wonk unworthy of sainthood.

The Witty Genius of CinemaSins

Ding! YouTube sensation CinemaSins systematically reveals mistakes, inconsistencies, and grievances in movies like ‘Batman & Robin.’ Spoiler: No film is perfect.

Earn Your Degree in… Lobbying?

That’s right, folks. At George Washington University, wannabe political peddlers can now study the much-maligned world of swaying and influencing. But will it make any difference out in the field?

When Your Son Is a Suicide Bomber

Andrew Ibrahim was arrested as a suspected suicide bomber. His mother’s love helped bring him back from the brink.

The Danger of “Natural” Medicine

Sure, the idea of natural medicine sounds okay. But when medical doctors “prescribe” pseudoscientific remedies, it becomes dangerous.