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The Death of a Rodeo Cowboy

At 25, Lane Frost was a popular and prize-winning bull rider when he was killed by a bull he was riding. Peter Richmond eulogizes a fallen star.

Fear Not: Russia's History of Epic Fails

So the international sanctions aren’t working—don’t worry! If 1,000 years of Russian screw-ups are anything to go by, it won’t be long before Vladimir Putin brings himself down.

How to Pray in the Public Square

The Supreme Court ruled that town councils could open with overtly sectarian prayers. But there are other ways to pray in public, like we did at President Obama’s inauguration.

Jews in the Joint

It’s not always easy being Jewish in prison but there are some advantages for the folks keeping kosher behind bars—better food for one thing.

No More Mr. Nice Pope

Francis may have lightened up on gays in the priesthood, but he isn’t letting American nuns off the hook—in fact, he’s clamping down on them even more strongly than Benedict.

The Exploding Runaway Star

Every 100,000 years, a hypervelocity star gets “kicked out” of the Universe—and it’s happening right now.

A Little Slice of Finland in Michigan

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a large Finnish community is home to Suomi Home Bakery, the creator of the most delicious pancake you’ve ever tasted.

TV’s Best and Worst Moms

Not all moms bake apple pie. From Selina Meyer and Betty Draper to Vivian Banks, TV’s perfect and not-so-perfect mothers.

Report: Govt. agents protected director's aide

WASHINGTON (AP) — Members of a Secret Service special unit responsible for patrolling near the White House were pulled off that assignment over at least two months in 2011 to protect the assistant of the agency's director while she was engaged in a dispute with a neighbor, according to a report in The Washington Post.