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A look at all that 'Benghazi' stands for

WASHINGTON (AP) — To congressional Republicans, "Benghazi" is shorthand for incompetence and cover-up. Democrats hear it is as the hollow sound of pointless investigations.

Democrats struggle to win over skeptical Americans on Obamacare

By Susan Cornwell SOMERSWORTH, New Hampshire (Reuters) - Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in the Congress have grown more confident in recent months about their ability to use the president's signature healthcare law as a draw rather than a liability in this November's midterm elections. Three races in New Hampshire illustrate the challenge, offering a test of whether Democrats can overcome voter skepticism about the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The law, aiming to expand health insurance coverage to millions more Americans, has come under sustained attack from Republicans. The president has urged Democrats campaigning in the November 4 congressional elections not to run away from \"Obamacare,\" but instead to \"forcefully defend\" it.