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Now They’re Crucifying People in Syria

The jihadist group so radical it got kicked out of al Qaeda has apparently hit a new and shocking low: It’s allegedly crucifying its enemies.

Fame at All Costs—Including Abortion

When a U.K. woman announced her plan to get an abortion in pursuit of a stint on ‘Big Brother,’ the Twitterverse was horrified—even pro-choicers. So can you be selectively pro-choice?

Dancing With the (Fembot) Stars

Olympian Amy Purdy might win this season of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and she’s a double amputee. The technology that keeps her twirling and dipping is nothing short of incredible.

Why ‘Mean Girls’ Is Still So Fetch

Why, a decade later, we are still obsessed with Tina Fey’s crackling script, the Plastics, Lindsay Lohan’s star-making performance, and whether or not butter is a carb.

Britain’s Tea Party Tantrum

Britain, meet your very own Sarah Palin—Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who is upending British politics and outraging the moderate center with his rag-tag ultra-right-wing party.

The Lifetime Ban Club

The Clippers’ racist owner is out of the NBA for good. So who’s he joining in the hall of shame? From Tonya Harding to Pete Rose, five notorious names banned from their sport for life.