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Our New Stealth Jet Can’t Land

The Pentagon’s gazillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter can’t pull off maneuvers that older jets were doing in the early 60s. Who’s to blame?

X-Men's Apocalypse Scene Explained

Who’s that guy with the gray skin and blue lines on his face telekinetically building pyramids in the desert?

The Nate Silver of Sports Injuries

With a spreadsheet and an obsession with basketball, Jeff Stotts can predict how long it will take a battered athlete to return. That sort of knowledge can make or break champions.

Nina Stibbe, A Modern-Day Mary Poppins

Nina Stibbe talks about her life as a nanny in London, about how her book about it became a popular and critical hit, and why Alan Bennett shouldn’t be angry.

Finger Lickin’ Gas Station Fried Chicken

There are some American culinary gems that really fly below the radar. But none so well as these plain ol’, working gas stations in Virginia that serve the most succulent fried chicken.

Nintendo’s Shell-Throwing Savior

‘Mario Kart 8’ may well be the most beautiful game Nintendo has ever released. But can a 22-year-old winning formula save a flailing system?

Washington Can't Walk Away From Cairo

As Egyptians go to the polls, the election of a new strongman is a foregone conclusion. But amid the criticism, realists know the U.S. has to think of the long-term relationship.

How Solitary Confinement Destroys Women

The rate of female incarceration is increasing rapidly, mostly for crimes driven by poverty and abuse. Then solitary confinement compounds the trauma.