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Voters in Newark pick a new mayor after seven years of Booker

Voters in Newark will pick a new mayor on Tuesday to fill a post held by popular Democrat Cory Booker and steer New Jersey's largest city as it struggles with an uptick in violent crime, unemployment and a possible state takeover of its finances. Booker, who served for seven years as mayor and used his national profile to help attract billions of dollars in investment to Newark, about 12 miles from New York City, is now a U.S. Senator. He won a special election last October to succeed Senator Frank Lautenberg, who died in office. Former City Council President Luis Quintana has held the interim mayorship.

We Built a School in Boko Haram’s Land

When Gerald and Lois Neher arrived in tiny Chibok, Nigeria, girls didn’t go to school. The couple’s work helped the first girls attend—50 years before terrorists abducted 270.

Why Doctors Need a Minimum Wage

Doctors are endlessly accused of being overpaid, but when you break down the math, primary care physicians get the crap end of the stick. Is it time to give them a minimum wage?

The Worst Ruling Since Citizens United

A Wisconsin judge rules Scott Walker’s campaign was within its rights to coordinate advertising with independent organizations because it’s political speech. That’s too extreme even for the Supreme Court.

The Mythology of Jay Z

You’ve no doubt witnessed the elevator smackdown seen ‘round the world, but Solange Knowles’s whooping of the rapper begs another question: Why does the world idolize Jay Z?

Who Made Benghazi ‘Political’?

Today’s Republicans are shocked, shocked that the Obama administration might have tried to politicize the attack. Funny, everyone seems to have forgotten what really happened in 2012.