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10,000 Troops to Keep Al Qaeda Out

The White House and the Pentagon are once again wrangling over how many U.S. forces will fight in Afghanistan. Will there be enough to keep a resurgent al Qaeda out?

Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?

The marriage equality fight is all but won. Will the future of marriage be boring as hell, or a Bible-thumper’s idea of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Food Is the New W.M.D.

As the U.N. debates how to get assistance to 3.5 million people inside Syria, those in the areas hardest to reach say humanitarian efforts are becoming part of the conflict itself.

New York’s Holograph King

Forget the recent resurrections of Michael Jackson and Tupac—those weren’t real holograms, says Jason Sapan, who took The Daily Beast on a tour of his ‘Holographic Studios.’

The Clinton Apostates’ Makeup Orgy

Democrats who passed over Hillary to endorse Barack Obama in 2008 know they’re on the enemies list—and they’re jumping on the Clinton 2016 bandwagon as early as possible.

The British Empire Is Alive and Well

To kick off the Commonwealth Games, a baton standing in for the Queen travels the globe with a special message from the regent to her (former) subjects, who give it the royal treatment.

My Campaign Donation to a Bigot

In a GOP runoff today, candidate T.J. Fabby has attacked his foe for accepting Muslim money. But now Fabby has too. I know. I sent it.

How the GOP Made Life Easier for Dems

Providing fodder for endless attack ads, challengers to Democratic incumbents in three tough Senate races voted for a budget even more draconian than Paul Ryan’s.