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The Drug-Free Breakfast Rave

Forget SoulCycle—the newest fitness craze is early morning raving, complete with DJs, costumes, and organic smoothies.

Hollywood’s Unheralded Comedy Genius

The director of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is back with ‘Neighbors’—a rowdy comedy with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron that’s the funniest movie of the year (so far).

The Game You Wear on Your Face

Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion. Sony's gearing up for Project Morpheus. We've come a long way from the headache-inducing black and red graphics of Nintendo's Virtual Boy.

…And Why Democrats Are So Scared of It

They insist we don’t need another committee to investigate the attack—but they’re really afraid of the incompetence the truth will reveal.

Take ADHD Drugs to Treat Menopause

Along with hot flashes and mood swings, up to two-thirds of menopausal women report suffering from “brain fog,” a frustrating condition marked by forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate. Now, a new therapy might have these women filling up the same prescriptions as their hyperactive grandchildren.

The Artist Who Gets Away With Everything

It took artist and critic Peter Plagens a long time to come around to the post-modern work of Bruce Nauman. But after overcoming a little jealousy and a few harsh reviews, he just can hide his admiration.

‘Energy’ Drinks Do Just the Opposite

Teens consume energy drinks so they can feel focused and energized (duh). But a new study reveals these drinks actually make teens lazy, tired, and less healthy.

The Robot That Could Kill Malaria

Unlike polio and typhoid, there’s no malaria vaccine—but Dr. Stephen Hoffman says he’s got one. Now he’s launched a crowd-funding site to make a ‘SpoRobot’ to deliver the knockout blow.

How Republicans Twist Benghazi…

It’s time for Republicans to ’fess up about what’s really motivating their relentless search for the ‘truth.’ Hint: It’s about political gain, not honoring the victims of the attack.

Therapy dog helps troops deal with postwar stress

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — After three deployments to Iraq and three to Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Dennis Swols is agitated, prone to bouts of anger and unable to really talk about his time on the battlefield.