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USAID chief to face questions on 'Cuban Twitter'

WASHINGTON (AP) — The administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development on Tuesday is beginning a series of appearances before lawmakers asking questions about his agency's secret "Cuban Twitter," a social media network built to stir unrest in the communist island.

More popular than French leader, selling his ideas

PARIS (AP) — France's new prime minister is a Socialist who has disavowed the word, a cipher on the economic policy he must sell to both the French people and the European Union, and an unapologetically ambitious climber more popular than his conciliatory boss.

Send MH370’s Black Boxes to U.S.

If the data recorder is ever found, Malaysia won’t have the expertise to deal with it. Would the country admit as much, though?

Russia’s Ace in the Hole

It’s Washington’s nightmare scenario: an aggressive Moscow deciding it’s time to arm Tehran with sophisticated weapons. And it may be closer to reality than you think.

The $100 Million Superhero Dud

The biggest threat to ‘Captain America’ and the superhero film is not HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s the clunky, overblown CGI climax that’s become a signature of the genre.

Report: Autopsy shows Miriam Carey shot 5 times

WASHINGTON (AP) — The attorney for the family of a Connecticut woman killed by police on Capitol Hill six months ago says her autopsy found she was shot multiple times from behind, including a shot to the back of the head.

Hagel, Chang air differences over disputed islands

BEIJING (AP) — The defense chiefs of China and the U.S. faced off Tuesday over Beijing's escalating territorial disputes in the region, as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, wagging his finger, said China doesn't have the right to unilaterally establish an air defense zone over disputed islands with no consultation.

Research: Most states improve election performance

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A new report by a nonpartisan public policy group says Americans spent an average of three minutes less standing in line to vote in the 2012 presidential election than they did four years earlier. An exception was Florida, where the wait increased by 16 minutes.

US urges Chinese candour on cyber-warfare

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will Tuesday urge China to pursue a more open dialogue about cyber-warfare and other sensitive issues to avert potential crises between the two powers, officials said. Hagel was due to make the appeal in talks with his counterpart General Chang Wanquan in Beijing a day after Chinese officers allowed the Pentagon chief to tour the country's first aircraft carrier in Qingdao, a rare move by the usually secretive People's Liberation Army. US officials said the visit to the carrier marked a promising step by the Chinese but the two sides remained deeply divided over regional territorial disputes, the threat posed by North Korea and cyber-spying, with each side trading accusations of digital espionage. In a speech Tuesday at the PLA's National Defence University, Hagel planned to urge China to be more open about its cyber capabilities to defuse tensions and avoid an inadvertent conflict, a senior defence official said.