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Accused Rapist Kicked Off Team for Theft

What’s more ridiculous than being caught stealing seafood? Florida State’s attempt to lightly punish Jameis Winston for petty theft after shielding him from sexual-assault claims.

One of These 5 Things Will Kill You

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control ranks the potentially preventable deaths across all 50 states. Southeast, time to shape up.

The Green Goblin Spills Spidey Secrets

Dane DeHaan talks about his transformation into the 'hipster' Green Goblin for this weekend’s superhero blockbuster, 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.'

How to Play Poker With Putin and Win

For now, there’s nothing that can or will be done to stop Russia from playing ugly games with its non-NATO neighbors. But in the long term, Moscow can be made to regret its folly.

Obama, Killer Comedian

This president is the most effective of them all at using humor to destroy his enemies. Expect him to do it again on Saturday.

‘24’: Where We Left Off

Jack has done it again—this time he’s escaped television death. On May 5, four years after he last saved the world, the iconic character returns in ‘24: Live Another Day.’

Instagram Bans Boobs, Not Berettas

Facebook and Instagram are quick to clamp down RiRi’s nipple pics—but ignore the endless shots of teens brandishing handguns and AK-47s.

When An Adopted Child Won’t Attach

In her new memoir, Tina Traster chronicles adopting a Russian child whose mercurial mood swings turned out to be a common problem among orphans from the Far East.

Are Athletes Using Tax Dollars to Juice?

We’ve doled out multimillions in public subsidies for stadiums and sponsorships of teams whose players used performance enhancing drugs. And everyone’s complicit in the ongoing fraud.