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Obama plans 'serious conversation' with Shinseki

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he plans to have a "serious conversation" with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki about whether he can stay in his job.

French actor Depardieu pays low tax rate in Russia

Veteran actor Gerard Depardieu who fled his native France in protest over a new wealth tax is now paying a rate of only six percent in his newly adopted country of Russia, the Izvestia daily reported Friday. Russian President Vladimir Putin granted Depardieu a Russian passport in 2013 after he left France in protest at having to pay a 75-percent tax rate. The 65-year-old actor filed his tax return on time in the remote Mordovia region where he has registered as a self-employed businessman, the deputy chief of the region's tax service, Sergei Shalyayev, told Izvestia, refusing to divulge the amount.

Israel PM 'wanted Elie Wiesel as president'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had tried to convince Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to be a candidate in the race for president, media said on Friday. Israeli media began reporting Netanyahu's last-minute attempt on Tuesday, when candidates had to present 10 MPs' signatures to be eligible for the position. Wiesel, who lives in New York, told top-selling daily Yediot Aharonot on Friday that Netanyahu had called him three times and then tried to pressure him through mutual friends, but the 86-year-old Romanian-born Nobel Peace Prize winner refused. Netanyahu's efforts to draw the Jewish-American writer and political activist who does not hold Israeli citizenship into the presidency race were reportedly part of his attempts to prevent the election of Reuven Rivlin of his own Likud party as president.

Germany's Siemens to axe about 11,600 jobs  

German industrial giant Siemens plans to eliminate about 11,600 jobs around the world as part of a major restructuring, a company spokesman told AFP on Friday. "These jobs will be cut," the spokesman said, confirming remarks made by chief executive Joe Kaeser to a conference of investors and analysts in New York on Thursday. Another 4,000 jobs will be cut as part of a regrouping of regional activities. Siemens said in early May that it expected its markets "to remain challenging in fiscal 2014" with a sustainable recovery not expected until late in the fiscal year.

South Sudan rebel leader in Kenya for talks

Nairobi (AFP) - The leader of South Sudan's rebels, former vice president Riek Machar, is in Nairobi for talks on regional efforts to end his country's nearly six-month-old civil war, officials said Friday.

Obama to call for more mentors for minority boys

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is calling on all Americans to get involved with his push to reverse underachievement among young minority men by getting involved with mentorship and tutoring programs.

Clegg faces calls to expel Lord Rennard over 'harassment'

Beleaguered Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg faced calls to expel Lord Rennard from the party on Friday after the peer apologised to four women who accused him of harassment. Rennard, a former Lib Dem strategist, confessed that he "may well have encroached upon 'personal space'" of the female party members, though he stopped short of admitting to sexual harassment. Three of the four party members who made the allegations, which emerged over a year ago, are now calling for Rennard to be permanently expelled from the party, according to BBC reports. "The real question here is, 'Should the Lib Dems accept him back on the benches in the House of Lords?' And I don't think the answer to that is yes," she told BBC News.

One Bad Night, Lose Your Kid Forever

State governments are permanently taking hundreds of children from their parents—under a bizarre theory that they might, in the future, be too mentally ill to care for the young.

Clueless's Tragic Clique

The tragic death of Brittany Murphy. Stacey Dash as a Fox News pundit. Alicia Silverstone’s transformation into bizarre self-help guru. What the hell happened to Cher and Co.?

Yes, Parents Are Gun Violence Cowards

In the wake of the Santa Barbara shootings, a father asks if we will persist in our apathetic handwringing until our own children are the victims.

Leave the Sex Toy, Take the Uzi

In one Georgia town, “guns everywhere” apparently doesn’t apply to the vibrating Silver Bullet.

The IUD’s the New Queen of Birth Control

With an estimated 4 million unintentional pregnancies each year, gynecologists are urging their patients switch from oral contraceptives to an intrauterine device (IUD). Just three years after doctors cast it off as unsuitable, the IUD is reigning supreme.

Inside the Cult of CrossFit

The punishing workout’s fans are obsessive—and extremely vocal. What gives with this latest workout craze that some call dangerous and others call salvation?

AMC Resets with ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

While ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ is a promising pilot for the network, how many montages of pasty engineers poking at circuit boards can a show uncork before becoming a bore?

A Museum To Remember Tiananmen’s Dead

Twenty-five years after the massacre, the Chinese government wants people to forget it ever happened. But one little museum keeps the truth alive.

The Frustrating Rise of Iggy Azalea

That a white, Australian, female rapper is topping the charts shouldn’t be so shocking when you consider that Iggy Azalea is basically doing what Gwen Stefani has already done.

My Gay Dad/Mom Brain

New mothers light up in their emotional centers, fathers in their cognitive centers—and gay dads in both. How new research shows we all love our kids just the same.

Brazil’s World Cup Is a Nightmare

Brazilians angry at their government and FIFA could turn this giant soccer tournament into a tipping point. Are these corrupt, elitist spectacles worth it?