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Rwandan rebel group says more will surrender in DR Congo

A second wave of Rwandan rebels from a group linked to the 1994 genocide in their homeland will turn themselves in on June 9 in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a leader of the group said Thursday. The Hutu rebels are members of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) which includes remnants of the militia, now based in the DRC, that carried out the genocide of at least 800,000 ethnic Tutsis, according to the United Nations. North Kivu's governor said they would now be given a choice between returning to Rwanda or seeking asylum in the DRC. Wilson Irategeka, interim executive secretary of the FDLR, said there would now be "more ceremonies" in which rebels will surrender.

Obama, Putin and Hollande Go Speed Dinner Dating in Paris

PARIS – When in Paris, sometimes one restaurant in a night is just not enough. Certainly not if you happen to run a country. French President Francois Hollande engaged in a game of speed dinner dating today when he booked not one, but two dinners...

Venezuela opposition leader to face trial over demos

A Venezuelan opposition leader has been ordered to stand trial on charges of instigating violence at an anti-government demonstration in February, prosecutors said Thursday. A judge ruled that Leopoldo Lopez, who has been in custody for more than three months, should stand trial over his alleged role in violence that broke out during a rally against the government of Nicolas Maduro on February 12. Separately, another prominent opposition leader and Lopez ally, Maria Corina Machado, said she has been summoned for questioning Monday in an alleged plot to assassinate Maduro. Machado, who was ousted from her seat in the National Assembly in March, has been accused by leaders of the ruling United Socialist Party of plotting a coup and Maduro's murder, on the basis of what they asserted were incriminating emails among a handful of opposition leaders.

'Wounded Warrior' Poised to Make Motocross History on Prosthetics

Off road in the California desert, Jesse Williamson is getting ready for the Baja 500, a grueling 500-mile dirt bike race that takes place on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. But Williamson also faces an additional challenge. Unlike the other racers, he is attempting to become...

Bergdahl had left his unit before, but returned: sources

By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. military investigation of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's capture by the Taliban found he had slipped away from his unit before but had always returned, raising questions about whether or not he was deserting when he disappeared in 2009, people familiar with the findings said on Thursday. Bergdahl, 28, was freed after five years as an Afghanistan war prisoner on Saturday when the Obama administration agreed to release five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo prison in exchange, a deal that touched off a firestorm of criticism. Some soldiers who served in Afghanistan have accused Bergdahl of deserting from his remote outpost in the eastern region of the country on June 30, 2009, but the Pentagon has said publicly that the circumstances were unclear. The people familiar with classified findings said investigators learned that Bergdahl, who was broadly portrayed as dissatisfied with the deployment in Afghanistan, had slipped away in the past, only to return a short while later.

Senate confirms Obama's new health secretary

WASHINGTON (AP) — New management, same problems. Sylvia Mathews Burwell was confirmed Thursday as the nation's new health secretary, but she'll have to act quickly to head off more insurance chaos this fall.

45 killed by 'preachers' near Boko Haram Nigeria stronghold

Maiduguri (Nigeria) (AFP) - Forty-five people were killed by suspected Boko Haram gunmen pretending to be preachers in a village near the group's spiritual home in northeast Nigeria, two residents said on Thursday. The attack happened at about 9:30 pm (2030 GMT) on Wednesday in Barderi, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, and saw insurgents hoodwink locals into congregating before opening fire on the crowd. Itinerant preaching is commonplace in mainly Muslim northern Nigeria and the fake clerics reportedly told villagers that they had come to show them "the righteous path". Mallam Bunu, who survived the attack, said: "I counted 45 bodies after the attackers left the village.

Kerry, Lavrov: Ukraine shouldn't be 'pawn'

PARIS (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday Ukraine should not be a "pawn" in a power struggle between East and West, but allowed that significant differences between Washington and Moscow could hurt efforts to prevent that.

How Lingerie Got Sexy

Women have long expressed their sexuality—and the mores of the time—through their choice of undergarments. A new exhibit takes a look back at the evolution of women’s intimate apparel.

APNewsBreak: VA health care nominee withdraws

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's choice to be the top health official at the Veterans Affairs Department withdrew his nomination Thursday, saying he feared his confirmation could spark a prolonged political battle.

Senate panel rolls back housing, Amtrak cuts

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan coalition on the Senate Appropriations Committee moved Thursday to roll back House GOP-backed cuts to Amtrak, transportation projects and affordable housing projects, but pressures elsewhere in the budget may make the funding levels unsustainable as the massive $108 billion spending bill moves ahead.

Veterans make emotional return to the beaches to mark D-Day

Caen (France) (AFP) - D-Day veterans marched back to Normandy's beaches and villages on Thursday, in an emotional return to mark 70 years since the launch of the biggest amphibious invasion in military history. Royals, top brass and some 20 world leaders, including US President Barack Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin, will attend the main D-Day ceremony on Friday, with the diplomatic wrangling over the Ukraine crisis acting as an awkward undercurrent to proceedings.

Melinda Gates’s Abortion Blindspot

The Gates Foundation is all about solutions that make the greatest impact on vulnerable populations. So why are they ignoring the 20 million women who die each year from unsafe abortions?

Cameron, Putin meet for talks in Paris

Paris (AFP) - Vladimir Putin met British Prime Minister David Cameron at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris Thursday, airport sources said.

Obama makes 'no apologies' for Taliban hostage deal

President Barack Obama vehemently refused to apologise Thursday for doing a prisoner trade with the Taliban to free a US soldier, despite a fierce political storm over the deal in Washington. Critics, both Republican and Democratic, have asked whether the transfer of five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay for the release of US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was even legal, and question both the price paid and the principle of a swap. But Obama, asked about the row raging in Washington at the G7 summit in Brussels was unapologetic, repeating that he had a duty as commander-in-chief to get Bergdahl home. "I'm never surprised by the controversies that are whipped up in Washington," Obama said.

Mississippi police probe actions by Senate candidate's supporters

By Therese Apel JACKSON Miss. (Reuters) - A campaign official for U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel and two others are under investigation in Mississippi after being found locked inside a courthouse where ballots in Tuesday's Republican primary had been counted hours earlier. Investigators are trying to figure out how the three people entered the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi, shortly after 2 a.m. on Wednesday and what they were doing there, said sheriff's spokesman Othor Cain. The group included Scott Brewster, McDaniel's campaign coalition coordinator;

Obama lands in Paris for D-Day anniversary

Paris (AFP) - US President Barack Obama arrived in France on Thursday ahead of celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, which will also be attended by some 20 other world leaders.