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Spain reports record tourism numbers in August

Madrid (AFP) - Spain attracted just over nine million foreign visitors in August, the highest ever figure for a single month, the government said Monday, setting the country up for its best-ever year for tourism and giving a boost to the economy.

Official: Some Americans who fought in Syria have returned

Some of the estimated 100 Americans who have tried to get to Syria and join up with groups like the Islamic State have returned to the United States and are under FBI scrutiny, a top official told reporters on Monday.

Yemen fighting killed at least 200 in past week: govt

Sanaa (AFP) - At least 200 people were killed on the outskirts of the Yemeni capital in fighting during the past week between Shiite rebels and Sunni militiamen, the government said Monday.

Justice Department wraps up Texas voter ID trial

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — The Justice Department says a two-week trial has shown that a tough Texas voter ID law substantially discriminates against minorities and should be scrapped.

Iraq PM opposes foreign ground forces in Iraq

Baghdad (AFP) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi opposes the deployment of foreign ground forces in Iraq as part of efforts to combat jihadists, his office said on Monday.

American Fighting With Ukraine Rebels Urges Others to Join Him

MOSCOW – With his face covered by a camouflage balaclava and a Midwestern aw-shucks tinge to his voice, Hunter from Illinois called on other Westerners to join him in fighting alongside Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. The man who claims to be, and sounds like,...

Yemen's Huthis: a force of growing influence

Sanaa (AFP) - Yemen's Shiite Huthi rebels, who signed a UN-brokered peace deal Sunday after seizing key institutions, only recently began extending their influence beyond their northern highland stronghold.

Britain's Labour debates strategy for winning 2015 polls

Manchester (United Kingdom) (AFP) - Britain's main opposition Labour Party was on Monday debating how to win next year's general election at its annual conference as it struggles to avoid divisions after Scotland's independence referendum.

Thousands of Hong Kong students on strike for democracy

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong students on Monday began a week-long boycott of classes, gathering in their thousands for what democracy activists say will be a wider campaign of civil disobedience against China's refusal to grant the city unfettered democracy.

Kerry: US looking for help from Turkey against IS

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States expects Turkey to step up in the fight against the Islamic State group now that Turkey has secured the release of 49 hostages held by the militants, Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday.

Ukraine troops prepare pullback as truce holds

Kiev (AFP) - A fragile truce between pro-Russian insurgents and Ukrainian forces appeared to be consolidate Monday as clashes subsided and attention focused on the unresolved status of the separatist east.