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The Artificial Intelligence That Wasn’t

The Internet was ablaze Monday with the news of a computer passing the infamous Turing test—but not so fast. It really didn’t pass at all.

Abductions on rise in rebel-held eastern Ukraine

Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) - From international observers and journalists to pro-Ukrainian activists, priests and ordinary citizens, cases of arbitrary detention and abductions are on the rise in the areas of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian rebels. "Kidnappings began from the very beginning of the insurgency and today we estimate the number of those being detained illegally at 200," Maria Oliynik, an activist with Ukrainian rights watchdog Prosvita, told AFP. Those held hostage are usually kept in basements and safe houses guarded by gunmen from the rebel "authorities" of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine -- and the United Nations says they can face beatings, torture and even execution. For close to a fortnight now two groups of observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) -- totalling eight international monitors and a Ukrainian interpreter -- have been held captive and incommunicado after separatists picked them up, three days apart, in late May.

Clinton launches book tour, rolls back 'dead broke' claim

Hillary Clinton launched her much-anticipated book tour Tuesday and tried to smooth over a flap over her earlier remark that she and her husband Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House. Hundreds of fans of the former secretary of state, many wearing shirts that said "Hillary Rocks," lined up as early as 5:00 am in New York, where Clinton was due to make her first public signings of her memoir, "Hard Choices." But first the Democrat took to the airwaves, in a one-hour special Monday night on ABC in which she said the Clintons left the White House "not only dead broke, but in debt."

How American history judges Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl’s return has spurred questions about whether he is a hero or should be put on trial for deserting his post, but what does history say?

Egypt's Sisi faces challenge over 'sexual terrorism'

A video of a woman being sexually assaulted at inaugural celebrations for Egypt's new president has spotlighted a national epidemic, but activists believe that stopping such attacks will be difficult. Graphic footage, apparently filmed on Sunday using a mobile phone, shows a mob of men surrounding the young woman, who was stripped of her clothes and badly bruised in the assault in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square. "Sexual assaults and rapes by mobs are now part of reality. This is sexual terrorism," said Zeinab Sabet, a prominent activist with "Dignity Without Borders", a group battling sexual violence.

Friendly fire likely in deaths of US troops in Afghanistan: Pentagon

Five US soldiers killed in Afghanistan were likely victims of "friendly fire," the Pentagon said Tuesday, adding that the incident was under investigation. "Five American troops were killed yesterday during a security operation in southern Afghanistan. Investigators are looking into the likelihood that friendly fire was the cause," said Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman. Friendly fire incidents have been rare in Afghanistan in recent years, although five Afghan soldiers were killed in a NATO air strike in the eastern province of Logar in March.

APNewsBreak: CIA cites officers for harassment

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fifteen CIA employees were found to have committed sexual, racial or other types of harassment last year, including a supervisor who was removed from the job after engaging in "bullying, hostile behavior," and an operative who was sent home from an overseas post for inappropriately touching female colleagues, according to an internal CIA document obtained by The Associated Press.

Hillary Clinton says she understands 'hard life'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that she and former President Bill Clinton "fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans," seeking to refine remarks she made about the pair being "dead broke" when they left the White House.

Clinton declined Obama '08 request to attack Palin

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she refused an Obama campaign request in 2008 to attack Sarah Palin, the new Republican vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Sen. John McCain.

Bombs at Iraq funeral procession kill 20

Baquba (Iraq) (AFP) - Two bombs exploded near a funeral procession in the Iraqi city of Baquba on Tuesday, killing 20 people, police and a doctor said. The blasts in the capital of Diyala province, 60 kilometres (37 miles) north of Baghdad, also wounded 28 people, the sources said. Mourners were carrying the body of a teacher who was shot dead the previous night to a cemetery when the blasts occurred. The Baquba blasts came as militants seized control the entire northern province of Nineveh, including its capital Mosul.

5 US troops killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Five Americans troops were killed in an apparent friendly fire incident in southern Afghanistan, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday, in one of the worst such incidents involving United States or coalition troops since the start of the nearly 14 year war.

Emerging countries waver, advanced economies expand: OECD

Emerging economies China, Russia and Brazil are showing signs of slowing down but advanced economies are growing steadily, the OECD said on Tuesday. The findings of these so-called leading indicators is in line with a general picture that emerging economies have lost some of the driving steam which helped the world through a recent downturn in advanced economies. Among advanced countries, the United States and Canada are showing stable growth momentum, the 18-member eurozone as a whole including Italy is improving, and non-euro Britain is steadying at unusually strong growth rates. The OECD published the monthly data shortly after the British statistics office reported that industrial output expanded 0.4 percent in April from the March level when it gained 0.1 percent, and over 12 months showed a jump of 3.0 percent.

Cameron gets backing for action on EU immigration 'abuse'

Harpsund (Sweden) (AFP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Tuesday that he had reached an agreement with his German, Dutch and Swedish counterparts to tackle "abuse of free movement" in the European Union. "We've agreed that we should work together to address the abuse of free movement," he said at a mini-summit on the European economy near Stockholm with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Ministers Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte. "We also believe the European Union needs to change in response to voters' concerns," he said. His comments were supported by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Prisoner releases begin after Syria amnesty

Damascus (AFP) - Several dozen prisoners were released from Syrian government custody on Monday after a general amnesty announced by President Bashar al-Assad, a human rights lawyer told AFP on Tuesday.

PETA Needs to STFU About Autism

PETA’s latest stunt—an anti-milk campaign tied to autism—is backed by no science and lots of fear mongering.