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Deaths You Missed This Year

You’ve already read the major obits. From Hitler’s bodyguard to the godmother of burlesque, the human computer to the world’s ugliest dog, the 2013 exits you have may not have heard of.

A&E Ducks for Cover

As remotes around the country thumped along with bibles, ‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings were set to dip. So the network let Phil Robertson off the hook for his homophobic rant.

They Broke America’s Deadlock

Pope Francis and Edward Snowden’s bold challenges in 2013 finally gave Democrats and Republicans some common ground.

Obama’s Failed Islamist Outreach

Earlier this month, the president decided to approach the Islamists at the center of the Syrian revolution. Here’s why they spurned his offer of help against Assad.

The Year in Kick-Ass Feminism

If 2012 was the year of the War on Women, 2013 was the year when women finally had enough of GOP mansplaining.

Federal health care sign-ups pass 1 million mark

HONOLULU (AP) — The Obama administration says its rehabilitated health insurance website has seen a December surge in customer sign-ups, pushing enrollment past the 1 million mark.

U.S. defense chief voices concern in call to Egypt army head

The top U.S. defense official expressed "concern" about recent developments in Egypt in a call on Sunday to Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Pentagon said. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed his condolences for the victims of a spate of recent bomb attacks in Egypt, and offered U.S. assistance to investigate the incidents, a Pentagon spokesman said in a statement. A bomb exploded outside an Egyptian army building north of Cairo on Sunday, the latest in a series of violent incidents in Egypt. The Egyptian Army labeled the incident a terrorist attack, but did not name the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group it declared a terrorist organization last week.