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French President Hollande's top aide resigns

PARIS (AP) — The French president's top adviser resigned Friday following allegations of a past conflict of interest, striking a new blow to the already unpopular Francois Hollande.

Kansas speech by Michelle Obama draws complaints

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas high school senior has launched a petition drive urging school officials to rethink their decision to have first lady Michelle Obama speak at graduation next month in Topeka.

Putin's Ukraine Crew Won’t Give In

The agreement diplomats hammered out in Geneva means little to the hardliners spearheading the pro-Russian insurrection in Ukraine.

UK opposition party hires top Obama adviser

LONDON (AP) — Britain's opposition Labour Party has recruited a top adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama's campaigns to help with its leader's election bid next year.

‘Parent Martyr’ Must Die

Did you see that “world’s toughest job” video that went viral? Yeah, it’s a bunch of bull.

Trojan’s ‘STD Month’ Scheme

April is STI Awareness month—a month that Trojan has swooped in and taken ownership of. Using these four weeks to promote condom-use is a good thing, right? Not exactly.

Designing the New Dior

Two years ago, Raf Simons was an unexpected pick to take over the fashion house. A new documentary follows the creation of his first collection. Spoiler alert: It was a huge success.

Nicaragua Waits for ‘The Big One’

People have been sleeping in the streets and in their yards for a week thanks to some major earthquakes and some political hype by the Sandinistas.

Cruz and the Anarchist Puppeteer

The senator from Texas and the anarchist busker from New York City have a lot more in common than you might expect.

Stop Stockpiling Web Glitches

Members of the President’s Intelligence Review Group declare that playing defense by alerting the public to hacks is the best response when situations like Heartbleed occur.

Are Atheists the New Mormons?

Atheists are holding their annual convention in Salt Lake City, but things have been surprisingly cordial. Maybe these uniquely American religions have more in common than they think.

The Book Tour Hillary Should Fear

When Elizabeth Warren hits the road to promote her memoir, the senator likely will draw a critical group of Democrats that the front-runner has had trouble connecting with before.

How Hollywood Pirates Anime

Transcendence’s tale about cybernetic potentiality is ingenious, but it was also done 16 years ago. Hollywood has been borrowing liberally from Japan’s anime and manga past.

How the Pope Is Remaking the GOP

The wildly popular Francis is offering cover for a few Republicans, including Jeb Bush, to start speaking out in favor of some deeply unpopular issues within the party.

Krugman Is a Steal at $225K

The only thing hypocritical about acclaimed economist Paul Krugman’s CUNY salary is the right-wingers suddenly begrudging someone his free-market value.

Liberal Hypocrisy on Cash and Guns

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-NRA campaign reveals why liberals love money in politics as much as everybody else: They’re terrified.

How TV’s Best Shows Get Written

The writers of ‘Scandal’ almost did what!? ‘Community’ star Jim Rash takes us inside ‘The Writers’ Room,’ a behind-the-scenes look at how TV’s best shows are created.