FNG Storage site tour

We took a tour of the new Liquefied Natural Gas storage tank.

The Alaska Supreme Court will have a new chief justice starting next month.

Track Palin, son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing.

Officials say a respiratory pathogen previously believed to be restricted to sheep and goats has been detected in Alaska moose and caribou.

UAF Innovation Hub wants to boost AK economy

HEALTH REPORT: Blood Donation

UPDATE: Over 100 arrested in immigration raid at Ohio meatpacking plant

Morning News Update B 6-20

Morning News Update A 6-20

Morning News Update B 6-19

US to require more screening of powders in carry-on baggage

Body recovered of missing Fairbanks man

Beet butter

UPDATE: Senate blocks Trump plan to cut $15B in unused spending

Tesla sues ex-employee alleging data theft, leaks to media

Marijuana to be legal in Canada as of October 17

US stepping up Earth's protection from asteroids, comets

UPDATE: Texas motorists rescued from flooded roads

Teen in 'Making a Murderer' asks high court to take his case

UPDATE: Judge disputes California aimed to hinder border enforcement

No clear plan yet on how to reunite parents with children

UPDATE: 2 airlines ask US not to put migrant children on flights

UPDATE: President signs order to keep families together at border

EU to tax Harleys, peanut butter and other US goods beginning Friday

Arvin Kangas’ appeal has been rejected

Methodists, prosecutors scold AG Sessions over border policy

UPDATE: US says others must help in world refugee crisis

UPDATE: West Virginia Supreme Court justice indicted

FDA backs off added sugar label for maple syrup, honey

UPDATE: Disney ups Twenty-First Century Fox to more than $70 billion

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