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The Gray Lady Gets an Artistic Makeover

Artist Fred Tomaselli was so struck by the front-page image on The New York Times one Wednesday that he used it to create a new piece. Nine years later, his news series is still going.

Putin Sanctioned Top Obama Donors

The Kremlin has expanded a secret list of Americans banned from entry to Russia, diplomatic sources say. And Obama campaign bundlers tied to the LGBT community are on that list.

Don't Run for President, Hillary

The political world and her most fervent fans may be exercised about a presidential bid. But she should forget it. If she wins, it's too much stress for too little return.

Paul Ryan’s Listening Tour

The House Budget chairman's visit with some of his toughest critics on Capitol Hill may be the beginning of some bipartisan solutions on poverty.

The Green War on Tampons

Climate change, clean water, eco-friendly tampons? Feminine products are the new focus of environmental groups.

Accused Rapist Kicked Off Team for Theft

What’s more ridiculous than being caught stealing seafood? Florida State’s attempt to lightly punish Jameis Winston for petty theft after shielding him from sexual-assault claims.

One of These 5 Things Will Kill You

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control ranks the potentially preventable deaths across all 50 states. Southeast, time to shape up.

The Green Goblin Spills Spidey Secrets

Dane DeHaan talks about his transformation into the 'hipster' Green Goblin for this weekend’s superhero blockbuster, 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.'

How to Play Poker With Putin and Win

For now, there’s nothing that can or will be done to stop Russia from playing ugly games with its non-NATO neighbors. But in the long term, Moscow can be made to regret its folly.

Obama, Killer Comedian

This president is the most effective of them all at using humor to destroy his enemies. Expect him to do it again on Saturday.

‘24’: Where We Left Off

Jack has done it again—this time he’s escaped television death. On May 5, four years after he last saved the world, the iconic character returns in ‘24: Live Another Day.’

Instagram Bans Boobs, Not Berettas

Facebook and Instagram are quick to clamp down RiRi’s nipple pics—but ignore the endless shots of teens brandishing handguns and AK-47s.

When An Adopted Child Won’t Attach

In her new memoir, Tina Traster chronicles adopting a Russian child whose mercurial mood swings turned out to be a common problem among orphans from the Far East.

Are Athletes Using Tax Dollars to Juice?

We’ve doled out multimillions in public subsidies for stadiums and sponsorships of teams whose players used performance enhancing drugs. And everyone’s complicit in the ongoing fraud.

2016 campaign checklist: Biden

WASHINGTON (AP) — A look at Vice President Joe Biden's preparations for a potential 2016 presidential campaign:

2016 campaign checklist: Rubio

A look at preparations by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., for a potential 2016 presidential campaign:

Philippines to give U.S. forces access to up to five military bases

Up to five Philippine military bases will be made available for U.S. forces to rotate aircraft, ships, equipment and troops, Manila's chief negotiator of a new security pact said on Friday, as the Philippines looks to counter China's rising power in the region. A new 10-year military agreement, which also covers storage of equipment for maritime security and humanitarian assistance, was signed with the United States last week, hours before President Barack Obama arrived for a two-day visit to Manila. "Right now, the discussions would be ranging from three to five Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) bases," said Pio Lorenzo Batino, a defense undersecretary and head of the negotiating panel, told a news conference. "That's not final." He said the army's jungle training base in Fort Magsaysay, north of Manila, was "ideal location" for the United States because the two oldest allies in the region regularly hold joint exercises there.

Kerry in South Sudan in U.S. push to halt conflict

By Phil Stewart JUBA (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry flew into South Sudan on Friday to push for a halt to more than four months of fighting in Africa's newest nation, a message he was expected to deliver in talks with President Salva Kiir. Kerry's trip to South Sudan, his first as Secretary of State, came a day after he renewed U.S. threats of sanctions and held out hope for the rapid deployment of more peacekeepers. "Secretary Kerry will reiterate the need for all parties to respect the cessation of hostilities agreement, to immediately cease attacks on civilians, and to fully cooperate with the United Nations and humanitarian organizations," said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. More than 1 million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted in December between troops backing Kiir and soldiers loyal to his sacked deputy, Riek Machar.

55 colleges face federal sex assault investigation

DETROIT (AP) — Some of the 55 colleges and universities facing federal investigation for their handling of sexual abuse allegations say they're cooperating with the U.S. Education Department, though few are offering details about what information the agency is seeking.