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Updated: 21 min 17 sec ago

Medical News Today: Death and heart disease risks increased with trans fats, not saturated fats

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 00:00
Although dietary guidelines recommend reducing saturated fat intake, a new review suggests saturated fat intake is not associated with greater risk of death or heart disease.

Medical News Today: Gene therapy hope for recurrent ovarian cancer patients

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 23:00
New research suggests gene therapy may improve survival of the 70% of patients with ovarian cancer that recurs after chemotherapy and is invariably fatal.

Medical News Today: New IVF approach could boost success rates for older women

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 23:00
A new approach to IVF could be in the cards for older women, after researchers gain a better understanding as to why women aged 40 and older have poor IVF success rates.

Medical News Today: Testosterone therapy may reduce cardiovascular risk in older men

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 08:00
Researchers have observed that patients whose low testosterone levels returned to normal with therapy also experienced a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

Medical News Today: Under-the-desk pedal device could reduce sedentary behavior for office workers

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 07:00
Providing each office employee with a portable pedal device may increase physical activity, reducing the risk of sedentary-related health problems, according to new research.