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The Tortured Genius Just Can’t Help It

Creative types can’t stop thinking, can’t stop second guessing and revising, and aren’t much fun to be around. But new studies show it’s not like they have a choice.

Princess Berlusconi

She’s already her father’s corporate successor. Now 47-year-old Marina Berlusconi appears to be moving into politics—that is, if the camera-shy introvert really wants the job.

John Conyers’ Ballot Fail

How illegal signature-gatherers might force the longest-serving African-American congressman to be a write-in candidate for his Democratic primary.

A Supreme Religious Injustice

The Roberts Court’s cultural amnesia is shocking in Greece v. Galloway, especially considering the religious discrimination the justices’ own forefathers confronted.

The Saudi Beauty Robbing Twin City Banks

A court has convicted a stunning Saudi Arabian immigrant of a bank robbery spree in the Twin Cities—and she says she did it in the name of love.

Same-sex marriage opponents invoke Justice Kennedy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The pro-gay rights rulings of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy have been a key spark in the march toward legalized gay marriage. To counter the trend, same-sex marriage opponents now are seizing upon other opinions by Kennedy himself.

The Most Radical XXX Comic Strip

Erika Moen’s ‘Oh Joy Sex Toy’ is a revolution in laughter and a hardcore exploration of the orgasm. It’s a refreshingly frank comic strip about vaginas, sex toys, and human sexuality.

An Ode to Comfort-Food TV

Have you seen the latest vampire show? That new Washington political drama? No? Don’t worry: the best stuff is all you’ve seen before, as late-nights of ‘The Golden Girls’ and ‘Sex and the City’ prove.

The Big Bucks Behind Infections

A recent CDC memo warned of five infectious diseases in the U.S. Is it time to worry? Probably not.

State Dept.: Americans killed 2 Yemenis last month

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two officers at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen shot and killed a pair of armed Yemeni civilians during an attempted abduction of the Americans at a Sanaa business last month, the State Department said Friday.

US officers killed armed civilians in Yemen capital

Two US officers shot and killed two armed civilians who tried to kidnap them last month in Yemen's capital, a State Department official said. The two Americans were removed from Yemen shortly after the shooting, the official added. \"We can confirm that, last month, two US Embassy officers in Yemen fired their weapons after being confronted by armed individuals in an attempted kidnapping at a small commercial business in Sanaa,\" deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement to AFP. Suspected Al-Qaeda militants attacked Yemen's presidential palace earlier Friday, killing five guards and triggering a fierce gunfight as the extremists hit back at the offensive.

Coming Out of the Addiction Closet

Imagine using cancer to try and ruin someone’s career. Or diabetes. As Chiara de Blasio and Zac Efron go public with their struggles, why are we so close-minded about drug addiction?

No One’s Going to Challenge Hillary

Ignore the talk about purity tests, progressive cred, and skipping to a post-presidency status. Clinton won’t be denied this time—and she’s going to make history.

US congressional panel backs Venezuela sanctions

A US congressional panel passed a bill that would impose sanctions on those responsible for human rights abuses against anti-government protesters in Venezuela. The House Foreign Affairs Committee's vote was met with applause from dozens of people who traveled to Washington from several US cities to pressure lawmakers, the White House, and the Organization of American States to take action against the crackdown. At least 42 people have died and hundreds of others have been injured since students and other opponents of President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government took to the streets in February to protest rampant crime, runaway inflation and shortages of basic goods. Committee Chairman Ed Royce, a Republican, was optimistic about the bill's prospects of passage by the full House.

RNC changes debate rules for 2016

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Lunging for control of the GOP ahead of high-stakes elections, the Republican National Committee on Friday took steps to end free-for-all presidential debates and vowed to punish potential contenders who participate in rogue forums.

How to Guest Star in Your Own Life

In Hollywood, a friendship with a movie star, especially a close friendship, requires its own terms and definitions. Hence the concept ‘Hollywood Adjacent.’

The Week’s Best Longreads

From the Christian organization trying to get churches to come clean on sex abuse to the battle between Lenin and Stalin in Ukraine, the Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.