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Pennsylvania businessman leads Democratic polls ahead of primary

Pennsylvania Democrats will vote in a primary election on Tuesday to choose a candidate to face off against Republican Governor Tom Corbett in the November election. Businessman Tom Wolf, a political novice who has poured his personal fortune into the race and dominated the airwaves for much of the primary campaign, is leading the pack of Democrats with 33 percent, according to a Franklin and Marshall poll. "I don't see a lot of drama in this," Terry Madonna, the poll's director and a longtime political watcher said of Wolf's chances of prevailing in the primary.

Ricki Lake: Legalize Weed!

The talk show host turned filmmaker writes about how the making of her latest documentary convinced her that marijuana should be legalized for its health benefits.

The Senate Hopeful and the Break-In

It’s not quite Watergate, but something’s brewing in Mississippi, where a blogger infiltrated Thad Cochran’s wife’s nursing home—and opponent Chris McDaniel can’t get his story straight.

When ‘The New Yorker’ Grew Up

Before World War II, Harold Ross’s ‘New Yorker’ was no one’s idea of a heavy lift. Then it went off to war and grew up almost overnight. A new anthology shows how.

You Don’t Want to Marry (or Watch) Harry

‘I Wanna Marry “Harry”’ wants to reveal what happens when Prince Charming isn’t a prince, but it only proves the evolving reality landscape has rendered this kind of show irrelevant.

Can Maya Rudolph Save the Variety Show?

'The Maya Rudolph Show' attempts to bring the variety format back to primetime. The show was expectedly hilarious. But is that enough to revive the dated genre?

The ‘Idol’ Musical Mastermind Sounds Off

Ahead of Wednesday’s ‘American Idol’ finale, longtime bandleader Rickey Minor shares the secrets to a great contestant and the stories behind his favorite ‘Idol’ moments.

At the VA, a Real, and Hideous, Scandal

Democrats can dismiss Benghazi and the IRS as pseudo-scandals, maybe, but 40 veterans have died, and where has Obama been? Totally absent.

Tea Party Dead? It’s Just a Flesh Wound

The right wing of the Republican Party is going to get whipped in Tuesday night’s primaries, but its grip is strengthening around the real prize: 2016.

Cyber charges put more strain US-China relations

WASHINGTON (AP) — The indictment of five Chinese military officials on cyber espionage charges will intensify friction between Beijing and Washington that has been growing as China gets bolder in asserting its territorial claims in disputed seas in East Asia.

Court extends stay in Arizona, Kansas voting case

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A federal appeals court extended its order allowing Kansas and Arizona residents to continue registering to vote using a federal form without having to show proof of citizenship.

China's Xi and Russia's Putin meet facing West's criticism

Shanghai (AFP) - Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday held talks with visiting Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as the two powers seek to build ties in the face of Western criticism and territorial disputes.

Peace-loving Sweden 'arms dictators' as defence exports soar

Linköping (Sweden) (AFP) - Alongside a global reputation for peacemaking and generous foreign aid, Sweden has become a major world supplier of weapons counting a number of regimes criticised for human rights abuses among its customers.

Tea Party faces uphill battle in latest round of U.S. Republican primaries

By John Whitesides WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Voters in six states will choose candidates on Tuesday for some of November's top congressional election races, including another round of crucial U.S. Senate primaries between the Republican establishment and Tea Party favorites in Kentucky, Georgia and Oregon. Tea Party candidates are fighting an uphill battle in all three U.S. Senate contests, which could be vital to Republican hopes of picking up the six seats they need to recapture control of the chamber from Democrats in November. Idaho, Arkansas and Pennsylvania also will hold primaries on the campaign's biggest day of voting so far. The most closely watched contest is in Kentucky, where Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is a heavy favorite to beat Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin, setting up one of November's top Senate races against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

US on martial law in Thailand: must be 'temporary'

The Thai military's declaration of martial law must be temporary and not undermine democracy, the United States said. The United States is concerned about the political crisis in Thailand and urges "all parties to respect democratic principles, including respect for freedom of speech," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement, released late Monday. "We understand the Royal Thai Army announced that this martial law declaration is not a coup. "The United States firmly believes all parties must work together to resolve differences through dialogue and find a way forward.

Sea level rise forces US space agency to retreat

Sea level rise is threatening the majority of NASA's launch pads and multi-billion dollar complexes famous for training astronauts and launching historic missions to space, scientists said on Tuesday. From Cape Canaveral in Florida to mission control in Houston, the US space agency is busily building seawalls where possible and moving some buildings further inland. Five of seven major NASA centers are located along the coast. Many NASA centers have already faced costly damage from encroaching water, coastal erosion and potent hurricanes, said a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Credit Suisse pleads guilty in US tax evasion case

WASHINGTON (AP) — European bank Credit Suisse AG pleaded guilty Monday to helping wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes through secret offshore accounts and agreed to pay about $2.6 billion to the U.S. government and regulators.