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U.S. senators press Shinseki on delay in care for military veterans

By David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki on Thursday vowed \"timely action\" to deal with allegations that some VA medical centers covered up long waiting times for chronically-ill veterans seeking care but said he saw no evidence the practice was widespread. Shinseki, appearing before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, said allegations that 40 veterans died while waiting for appointments in Phoenix while months-long waiting times were kept under wraps made him \"mad as hell.\" VA doctors in Phoenix have alleged that managers ordered them to hold patients on a secret waiting list until appointments opened up on an official list that met the agency's waiting time goals. Asked if the practice of \"cooking the books\" was widespread among VA centers, Shinseki said: \"I'm not aware, other than a number of isolated cases, where there is evidence of that.\" The former four-star Army general said the VA's Office of the Inspector General would get to the bottom of the Phoenix allegations, and a system-wide review of appointment scheduling practices would address any complaints at facilities elsewhere.

GOP chairman revives Benghazi subpoena of Kerry

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican chairman of the House Oversight panel has reissued his subpoena demanding that Secretary of State John Kerry testify about documents provided to Congress about the deadly 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Kerry: US set to levy more sanctions on Russia

LONDON (AP) — The U.S. hopes Russia will play a constructive role in the May 25 presidential election in Ukraine, but if Moscow or its proxies disrupt it, the U.S. and European Union will move to impose heavier economic sanctions, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday.

Reid opposes Obama court pick

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of the Obama administration's staunchest allies in Congress, announced his opposition Thursday to Michael Boggs' nomination to the federal bench, dealing a strong if not fatal blow to the former Georgia state lawmaker's confirmation hopes.

CIA seeks time on response to interrogation report

WASHINGTON (AP) — The CIA is asking a federal judge in Washington for more time to declassify its still-secret response to a Senate intelligence report on harsh interrogation techniques and a separate review ordered by former agency director Leon Panetta.

The Historic 11-Host ‘View’ Reunion

Rosie, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and all the former co-hosts of ‘The View’ reunited to pay tribute to Barbara Walters. And they were all, for better or worse, on their best behavior.

Kerry: Syrian president election a 'farce'

LONDON (AP) — Syria's planned presidential election next month is a "farce," and the U.S. and its partners are prepared to quickly redouble efforts to support opposition forces in the county, Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday.

Can Femininity Win Elections?

Two new studies indicate that voters are instinctively drawn to women candidates with traditionally feminine features such as big eyes or long hair.

Suspended UConn Sorority Backs Hazers

Kappa Kappa Gamma got kicked out of UConn after a sorority member blamed her sisters for booze-fueled hazing—and now everyone’s blaming the victim.

Turkey’s PM Shrugs Off 282 Miner Deaths

Protestors scuffled with Turkey’s prime minister and his aides after his glib-sounding comments on the death of some 300 miners Tuesday. But Erdogan may yet be elected president.

Can the Measles Virus Destroy Cancer?

Giant doses of a genetically modified measles vaccine cured two of blood cancer at the Mayo Clinic this week. Why the magic remedy must be met with caution.

U.S. housing bill passes Senate panel but unlikely to become law

By Margaret Chadbourn WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Senate panel on Thursday approved legislation to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and redesign the U.S. mortgage finance system, but sparse support among Democrats means the measure is unlikely to make it into law. The Democratic-controlled Senate Banking Committee approved the bill in a 13-9 vote, with only half of the panel's 12 Democrats voting in favor. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is unlikely to bring the measure up for a vote on the Senate floor, according to Senate aides who said it needed wider support among Democrats. ...

Eulogy for ‘Sugarman’ Director

The producer of Best Documentary Oscar winners Man on Wire and Searching for Sugar Man shares his memories of pal Malik Bendjelloul, the Sugar Man director who reportedly took his own life at the age of 36.

Senate panel backs transport bill to maintain funding

By Eric Beech WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate committee passed a six-year transportation bill on Thursday that would keep federal spending on highways and mass transit at current levels but does not tackle the looming shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted with bipartisan support to advance the legislation, which would spend about $53 billion a year and adjust for inflation, to the full Senate. It is not clear when the Senate will consider the bill. Other committees in the Senate and House of Representatives are working on ways to pump money into the trust fund, which pays for about 45 percent of what U.S. states spend on roads and bridges and is forecast to run out of money by the end of August.

Amid protests, FCC to vote on new 'net neutrality' proposal

By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. telecommunications regulators will vote on Thursday on whether to formally propose new \"net neutrality\" rules that may let Internet service providers charge content companies for faster and more reliable delivery of their traffic to users. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has come under fire from consumer advocates and technology companies for proposing to allow some \"commercially reasonable\" deals where content companies could pay broadband providers to prioritize traffic on their networks. Critics worry the rules would create \"fast lanes\" for companies that pay up and mean slower traffic for others, although Wheeler has pledged to prevent \"acts to divide the Internet between 'haves' and 'have nots.'\" Some 200 activists have said they plan to protest at the FCC on Thursday, joining a few hard core critics who have camped outside the agency for a week. Consumer advocates were also mobilizing Internet users to protest online on blogs and through social media.

Is Gisele the New Gwyneth?

The supermodel pulled a Gwyneth on Wednesday, talking homemade snacks and backyard chickens. And it wasn’t her first time. So why do we love her but disapprove of all things GOOP?

Doctors Fight the NRA Over Gun Safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Rifle Association are embroiled in a knock-down fight over the right of doctors to advise parents on gun control.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Ai Weiwei

The world rallied to Ai Weiwei’s cause when he was incarcerated on trumped up charges in 2011. Now, a new documentary goes inside the activist artist's ordeal and the art that it produced.