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Obama touts investment influx; faces outflow, too

WASHINGTON (AP) — While in Brussels for talks with European leaders in March, President Barack Obama held a little noticed meeting with executives of a Belgian aerospace company. It was barely a footnote in a trip dominated by tensions with Russia over Ukraine.

I’m Not Ashamed to Admit I Got Lucky

To the authors of ‘The Confidence Code’ and even Jill Abramson, it seems to be a dirty word. But more women should talk about the role luck played in their career—and so should men.

Diane Keaton Refuses to Give In to Aging

At 68, the actress is dealing with the effects of aging—changing hair color, memory loss, retirement notices, and even an ‘old person’ voice. But they won’t stop her!

Liberia’s Child Prostitutes

It’s not just in Nigeria or Sudan that young women are abused. The “short-time girls” of Monrovia are victims of a culture that accepts their rape, their prostitution and their pain.

7 WTF Campaign Ads You Can’t Unsee

Babies in pearls. Gators in bondage. Hogs squealing for a damn good reason. Forget persuading voters. These politicians’ insane spots are all about forcing you to notice.

Why Giving Toddlers Adderall Is So Evil

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ADHD not be diagnosed until at least the age of 4. So why are so many doctors prescribing meds to 2- and 3-year-olds?

Can We Trust the NYT After Abramson?

The paper and its former executive editor have been spinning furiously since her abrupt dismissal, and the paper has been left diminished by the spectacle.

Soviet-Style Sexual Politics Returns

In troubled Odessa, suspicion of foreigners and dissenters is once again on the rise, with women often its targets and its tools.

Don’t Let the FCC Run the Internet!

For God’s sake, don’t let the Nipplegate people regulate the Internet. Or, why I’m against any form of mandated ‘net neutrality.’

Scenes from the Revolution

From paramilitaries and cartel soldiers to Frida Kahlo and civil rights, an International Center for Photography exhibition captures an alternative Latin vision—of ‘mutant cities.’

The Democrats’ Free-Speech Hypocrisy

A new Senate bill show that Democrats love the First Amendment only when it suits them. And the same is true, alas, of the GOP.

Is This the Democrats’ War on Women?

In 2013, an ex-boyfriend called the cops on Monica Wehby—and four days before her GOP primary, the police report resurfaced. To blame for the leak? A Democratic attack, say Republicans.

Game of Thrones’ Conscious Uncoupling

The seventh episode of the HBO fantasy’s thrilling fourth season saw a number of opposites band together in the interest of love, sex, or revenge. [WARNING: SPOILERS]

VA Scandal Just Got Much Worse

Veterans with serious heart conditions, gangrene, and even brain tumors waited months for care at the Albuquerque VA hospital, a whistleblowing doctor tells The Daily Beast.

Robert Pattinson’s Kinky Turn

The ‘Twilight’ heartthrob has reunited with boundary-pushing Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg for a bold evisceration of all things Hollywood.

Christie calls for more aggressive foreign policy

NEW YORK (AP) — Courting powerful Jewish donors for the second time in two months, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Sunday for a more aggressive foreign policy that defends American values abroad — even in "in some very messy, difficult places."

Iran Throws Monkey Wrench Into Nuclear Deal

Iran has thrown up new roadblocks to reaching a deal with the P5+1 world powers over its illicit nuclear program. Three days of negotiations in the fourth round of Geneva discussions ended Friday in arguments and confrontations when the Iranian team presented their country’s new “red lines,” diminishing any hope by the Obama administration to claim victory in its approach to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, according to reports from Iran. Hossein Shariatmadari, a former torturer and now managing editor of the conservative newspaper Keyhan, the mouthpiece of the country’s supreme leader, in an Op-Ed published Saturday revealed details of the Geneva negotiations and congratulated the Iranian delegation for its steadfast demand that the country has a right to pursue nuclear development. The Obama administration hoped that with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif showing an eagerness to solve the nuclear issue and address the West’s concerns, there would be a possibility for a negotiated solution.