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Twin Pimps Just Needed a Smartphone

Convicted of trafficking in 2010, Tyrelle and Myrelle Lockett, 21, are in jail again, accused of luring girls on social media—part of a new generation taking pimping completely digital.

Cameron wants faster action on terror suspects like Abu Hamza

British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged Tuesday to speed up the deportation of terror suspects after hardline Islamist cleric Abu Hamza was convicted in the United States. I think we should reflect on whether we can extradite faster," Cameron told BBC radio. Hamza had previously been an imam at a mosque in north London known for his inflammatory rhetoric and backing for hardline Islamist groups. "We also need to look... at the European Convention on Human Rights, and the position that we've got to get into where, if someone threatens our country, we should be able to deport them if they have no right to be here and that is absolutely essential that we restore that."

Bomb scare at Cyprus airport ahead of Biden visit

Larnaca (Cyprus) (AFP) - A bomb scare at the main airport in Cyprus forced its evacuation on Tuesday, police said, only a day before US Vice President Joe Biden visits the Mediterranean island. Police said they evacuated hundreds of passengers and staff from Larnaca International Airport at about 9:00 am (0600 GMT) after it received a phone call from someone saying a bomb had been planted there. Bomb disposal experts used sniffer dogs and were joined by police in a search of the airport on the south coast of Cyprus. The scare also triggered a security alert at Paphos International Airport, on the holiday island's west coast, but its terminal was not evacuated.

Ukraine tycoon calls for action against rebels

Mariupol (Ukraine) (AFP) - Ukraine's richest man called Tuesday for workers to rally against the pro-Russian insurgency in the east, in an impassioned plea for an end to the bloodshed issued just days before the country's crunch election. The appeal by billionaire powerbroker Rinat Ahkhmetov could mark a turning point in the conflict as he wields huge influence in the east as the owner of a vast coal and steel conglomerate. "People are tired of living in fear and terror," Akhmetov said in an open letter in which he called for peace rallies in the eastern industrial belt known as Donbass. Fears for the very survival of Ukraine have mounted since armed rebels launched an uprising against Kiev's caretaker government in April, emboldened by Russia's much-criticised seizure of Crimea.

Algeria backlash as Libya unrest shifts Africa migrant route

Boufarik (Algeria) (AFP) - Mohammed is openly disdainful towards the hundreds of African migrants now entering Algeria in a bid to reach Europe as worsening violence makes transit through neighbouring Libya ever more perilous. Algeria has long prided itself on its African identity but the mounting influx of migrants from south of the Sahara has sparked a racist backlash, even in sections of the media, that has shocked traditionalists. "They bring diseases with them, they don't even wash," Mohammed says, speaking in Boufarik, one of a string of northern Algerian towns that now host tent cities hosting hundreds of sub-Saharan migrants. Boufarik lies just 35 kilometres (20 miles) from the Mediterranean coast in the rich farmland of the Mitidja region, south of Algiers.

Sisi's greatest task will be rebuilding Egypt economy

Egypt's former military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is expected to romp home in this month's presidential election, but his challenge will be fighting poverty and rebuilding the shattered economy. More than three years after millions of Egyptians demanding "bread, freedom and social justice" ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak, and later his successor Mohamed Morsi, nearly 40 percent of the population -- some 34 million people -- live close to the poverty line. Sisi should easily trounce his sole rival, leftist leader Hamdeen Sabbahi, in the May 26-27 election, to inherit an economy roiled by nearly 12 percent inflation, unemployment of 13 percent, falling investment and sliding tourism revenues. Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected leader, was accused of ruining a dilapidated economy already hard hit since the 2011 revolt ended three decades of corruption-marred Mubarak rule.

Pennsylvania businessman leads Democratic polls ahead of primary

Pennsylvania Democrats will vote in a primary election on Tuesday to choose a candidate to face off against Republican Governor Tom Corbett in the November election. Businessman Tom Wolf, a political novice who has poured his personal fortune into the race and dominated the airwaves for much of the primary campaign, is leading the pack of Democrats with 33 percent, according to a Franklin and Marshall poll. "I don't see a lot of drama in this," Terry Madonna, the poll's director and a longtime political watcher said of Wolf's chances of prevailing in the primary.

Ricki Lake: Legalize Weed!

The talk show host turned filmmaker writes about how the making of her latest documentary convinced her that marijuana should be legalized for its health benefits.

The Senate Hopeful and the Break-In

It’s not quite Watergate, but something’s brewing in Mississippi, where a blogger infiltrated Thad Cochran’s wife’s nursing home—and opponent Chris McDaniel can’t get his story straight.

When ‘The New Yorker’ Grew Up

Before World War II, Harold Ross’s ‘New Yorker’ was no one’s idea of a heavy lift. Then it went off to war and grew up almost overnight. A new anthology shows how.

You Don’t Want to Marry (or Watch) Harry

‘I Wanna Marry “Harry”’ wants to reveal what happens when Prince Charming isn’t a prince, but it only proves the evolving reality landscape has rendered this kind of show irrelevant.

Can Maya Rudolph Save the Variety Show?

'The Maya Rudolph Show' attempts to bring the variety format back to primetime. The show was expectedly hilarious. But is that enough to revive the dated genre?

The ‘Idol’ Musical Mastermind Sounds Off

Ahead of Wednesday’s ‘American Idol’ finale, longtime bandleader Rickey Minor shares the secrets to a great contestant and the stories behind his favorite ‘Idol’ moments.

At the VA, a Real, and Hideous, Scandal

Democrats can dismiss Benghazi and the IRS as pseudo-scandals, maybe, but 40 veterans have died, and where has Obama been? Totally absent.

Tea Party Dead? It’s Just a Flesh Wound

The right wing of the Republican Party is going to get whipped in Tuesday night’s primaries, but its grip is strengthening around the real prize: 2016.

Cyber charges put more strain US-China relations

WASHINGTON (AP) — The indictment of five Chinese military officials on cyber espionage charges will intensify friction between Beijing and Washington that has been growing as China gets bolder in asserting its territorial claims in disputed seas in East Asia.

Court extends stay in Arizona, Kansas voting case

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A federal appeals court extended its order allowing Kansas and Arizona residents to continue registering to vote using a federal form without having to show proof of citizenship.

China's Xi and Russia's Putin meet facing West's criticism

Shanghai (AFP) - Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday held talks with visiting Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as the two powers seek to build ties in the face of Western criticism and territorial disputes.