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UK, Netherlands kick off voting in EU elections

LONDON (AP) — Voting began Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands for European Parliament elections in which Euroskeptic parties stand to be the likely beneficiaries of a disillusioned and apathetic electorate.

Thai army chief announces military coup

Bangkok (AFP) - Thailand's army chief announced in an address to the nation on Thursday that the armed forces were seizing power after months of deadly political turmoil.

AP Exclusive: Air Force security failed nuke test

WASHINGTON (AP) — Armed security forces at a nuclear missile base failed a drill last summer that simulated the hostile takeover of a missile launch silo because they were unable to speedily regain control of the captured nuclear weapon, according to an internal Air Force review obtained by The Associated Press.

Obama to promote foreign tourism in upstate NY

WASHINGTON (AP) — Promoting travel to the U.S. as a job creator, President Barack Obama is planning new steps to make it easier for people from other countries to visit the 50 states and spend money at their hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and other businesses.

Is ‘Slutever’ the New Face of Feminism?

Karley Sciortino has parlayed her raunchy, witty blog into a Vice video series and a Vogue column, one that raises all sorts of questions about feminism’s modern-day tightrope act.

Pam Anderson Shatters ‘Good’ Rape Myth

The actress is going public with the shocking sex abuse she suffered as a girl—and bucking society’s expectations of what a ‘good’ (nothing less than virginal) rape victim looks like.

Meet Your New Sleeping Beauty

The 16-year-old star dishes on her Disney blockbuster, what she learned from Angelina Jolie, and how to stay out of the celebrity tabloids.

The Roots of the GOP’s Race Problem

Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the Great Society and the civil rights push. But if conservative hero Barry Goldwater had had his way, government would have stayed out of it.

The Clinton Conspiracies

Throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency, allegations of wrongdoing plagued his administration—from fraudulent land deals and misuse of office, to a cocaine smuggling operation disguised as a chicken business and even mass murder. According to a formerly withheld file released in late April by the Clinton Presidential Library (PDF), these conspiracies spread via a “media food chain” of propaganda videos and Internet newsletters before landing in the traditional media—and they eventually snowballed into the investigation and impeachment of the most powerful man in America.

Politicians’ $100M Private Slush Funds

Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley and former Senator Evan Bayh are two of the many, many politicians holding onto millions in campaign contributions from races long ago.

Real Men Wear Skirts

Schoolboys in France stirred up gender norms when they eschewed pants last week. But men in skirts shouldn’t be a provocative sight…it should be a choice as normal as women in pants.

How We Stop the Next Boko Haram

To prevent future Boko Harams, American Muslims must speak out forcefully against their radical coreligionists—and the media must cover it.

Clinton Haters Can’t Quit the Crazy

Hillary Clinton coined ‘the vast right-wing conspiracy,’ and more than a decade after they terrorized her husband, they’re speaking out.

Mushrooms Are Magic for Weight Loss

Throw a few extra mushrooms in tonight’s dinner—a new study shows they help you lose weight and exercise longer.

North Korea's Eerily Quiet Ghost Hotel

In 1987, North Korea began building a mega, 105-floor luxury hotel. Now 27 years later, the giant, unfinished shell is a reminder of the country's unfulfilled tourism dreams.

Heart Association’s Junk Science Diet

Science shows the low-fat diet to be BS, and yet the American Heart Association keeps touting it as the ‘heart healthy’ choice. Why? The quick answer: money, honey.

Committee OKs end to door-slot mail for millions

WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of Americans would no longer get mail delivered to their door but would have to go to communal or curbside boxes instead under a proposal advancing through Congress.

Oregon counties ban genetically modified crops

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Residents of southern Oregon's agriculture-heavy Rogue Valley have voted to ban genetically modified crops from the area, setting up the next stage of a fight that has gained widespread attention.