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All eyes on sceptics in EU vote

All eyes will be on potential gains by Europe's increasingly popular anti-EU parties when a mammoth four-day election for the next five-year European Parliament winds up Sunday. After kicking off in Britain and the Netherlands, then taking in five more European Union nations, voters in the remaining 21 countries go to the polls Sunday with initial results expected after 2100 GMT. In Denmark, France and Italy, anti-EU parties are poised to take first or second place Sunday, shaking up national politics and preparing to battle Brussels from the inside. In Britain, the eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) led by Nigel Farage -- a party without a single seat in the national parliament -- surged Thursday in local council polls held in parallel with the EU vote, rocking the establishment.

Diamonds, Warlords and Dead Elephants

To end the hideous civil war in the Central African Republic, sanctions against leaders may help, but we also have to stop the trade in gems and ivory that’s funding the warlords.

Common Core Will Turn Your Kids Gay

A Florida representative hates to be the bearer of bad news, but the Common Core will produce new armies of homosexuals.

Did Led Zeppelin Steal ‘Stairway’?

‘Stairway to Heaven’ is the latest casualty in a wave of litigation over composer royalties. Why do so many hit songs lead to copyright suits?

What's On Your Kid's Lunch Tray?

For growing school-kids, healthy lunch is of utmost importance. Why does our government think it's okay for them to subsist on french fries and soda?

Lillian Smith’s Bombshell Novel on Race

‘Strange Fruit’ inspired obscenity charges, court decisions, and police action, but outrage peaked over the fact that the 1944 bestseller was written by a white woman.

Survived Hitler, Returned to Germany

She fled the Third Reich. Then, years after the war ended, she and her husband and children left Israel and returned to Germany. Their relatives were mystified.

The Pope’s Middle East Game of Shrines

Pope Francis hoped he might help bring peace to the Middle East, but set off a firestorm over a contested holy site. Maybe he should try healing the rift with the Orthodox church instead.

The Odds on Your Crazy Summer

Stifling heat! Awkwardly drunken work barbecues! The secret shame of loving the Song of the Summer! Get prepared for what this most glorious season most likely has coming your way.

Stop The Nicole Kidman Botox Insanity!

Did Nicole Kidman have a ‘suspiciously’ smooth face at Cannes? Either way, all women lose when we critique stars for looking too young…or not young enough.

Ukraine’s Iron Lady Refuses to Give Up

With ‘chocolate king’ Petro Poroshenko running away in the polls, former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko made a last-ditch effort to insist Ukraine needs spicy, not sweet.

Exposing India's Murderous Cops

In 1994, a Punjabi cop filed a lawsuit against his colleagues accusing them of the secret torture and killing of innocents. Now, as his case is finally being heard by the Supreme Court, a new documentary traces his long fight for justice.

Three dead as Champions League fans targeted in Nigeria blast

Jos (Nigeria) (AFP) - At least three people were killed on Saturday in the central Nigerian city of Jos in an explosion targeting football fans watching the European Champions League final, the authorities said. The blast came just days after a twin car bomb attack ripped through a crowded market in the city, killing 118 and raising fears of a spread of Boko Haram Islamist violence from the restive northeast. "So far, we have three dead, three injured," Chris Olakpe, the commissioner of police for Plateau state, of which Jos is the capital, told AFP.

Obama to lay out defense of foreign policy in West Point speech

By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Stung by criticism, President Barack Obama will use a speech on Wednesday to launch a sweeping defense of his approach to foreign policy, one that he will say is reliant on multilateral diplomacy instead of military interventions. Obama is to deliver the commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, the first in a series of speeches that he and top advisers will use to explain U.S. foreign policy in the aftermath of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and lay out a broad vision for the rest of his presidency. The president has come under withering fire in recent months for what his critics say is a passive approach to foreign policy, one that has allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to flex his muscle in Ukraine, and left the Syrian civil war to fester and China to threaten its neighbors in the South China Sea. Shortly after a trip to Asia late in April during which he strongly defended his incremental approach, he directed aides to frame a speech to explain his foreign policy and how he plans to handle world hot spots during his remaining two-and-a-half years in office.

Three dead, three injured in Jos blast: Nigeria police

Jos (Nigeria) (AFP) - At least three people died and three others were injured in a blast Saturday in the central Nigerian city of Jos targeting football fans watching the European Champions League final, police said.

Brussels killings due to 'incitement' against Jews: Netanyahu

Israel's premier said late Saturday that the attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum, which left three dead and one badly wounded, was the result of anti-Jewish and Israeli sentiment in Europe. "This act of murder is the result of constant incitement against Jews and their state," Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman joined Netanyahu's sentiment, blaming "anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic incitement expressed in calls to boycott Israeli produce".

Djibouti cafe hit by bomb attack, several casualties reported

At least two people were killed late Saturday in a bomb attack on a restaurant popular with Westerners in central Djibouti, official sources said. Djibouti's main ADI news agency said there were several explosions around 8:00pm local time (1700 GMT) and that the area was quickly sealed off by police. The Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, a former French colony, is home to the United States' biggest base in Africa which is used for anti-terror operations in Yemen, Somalia as well as for other operations across Africa. France also maintains a military base in Djibouti.

Blast rocks central Nigerian city of Jos: relief agency

Jos (Nigeria) (AFP) - An explosion rocked the central Nigerian city of Jos on Saturday, the country's main relief agency said, just days after at least 118 people were killed in a twin car bomb attack. "There has been an explosion in Jos," Manzo Ezekiel, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), told AFP but said it was not clear what caused the blast nor if there were casualties. Pam Ayuba, spokesman for the Plateau state governor Jonah Jang, said the blast happened on Bauchi Road at about 9:30 pm (2030 GMT) and appeared to target football fans watching the European Champions League final. On Tuesday, two car bombs suspected to have been planted by Boko Haram Islamists exploded within 20 minutes of each other in a crowded market in Jos, killing at least 118 people.