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Republicans for More Fat Kids

Is it really cost that’s driving the House GOP to fight Michelle Obama on school lunches? Of course not—it’s the culture wars, the sugar lobby, and plain old hatred of her husband.

Pope Francis Says He Might Retire

In little-noticed remarks aboard the papal plane this week, the pontiff said he wouldn’t rule out following Pope Benedict XVI’s path.

Can Ukraine’s New Prez Handle Putin?

When Petro Poroshenko talks, even the Kremlin listens. But it’s far from clear that Russia will put up with this billionaire known as The Chocolate King.

Today’s Straightedge Teens

Less sex, less pregnancy, less smoking. Today’s teens are proactively healthier than ever.

What Is an ‘Austin Mahone’?

With his omnipresent beanie and the ethnically ambiguous sex appeal of Twilight’s Jacob pre-werewolf abs, the singer is basically a Justin Bieber you can take home to your mother.

Hollywood’s Evolving ‘Heart’

Two weeks after ‘The Normal Heart’s final performance, Rock Hudson announced that he had AIDS. Soon, Hollywood would enter the fray, one foot in compassion and the other in panic.

Obama Bets It All on These Commandos

The Daily Beast gets an exclusive look at the Afghan special operations forces that are key to President Obama’s Afghan counterterrorism strategy.

Get Into Bed with Tracey Emin for $2M

Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed,’ with its detritus of cigarette butts, empty vodka bottles, and soiled underwear, was one of the best-known pieces of art in the 1990s. Now it's up for sale.

The Famous Parents Modeling Club

Modeling used to be an easy fallback ‘career’ for celebrity kids. But a new crop of famous-from-birth models are trying to make it on their own…and they deserve to be taken seriously.

Don’t Blame Asperger’s for Massacres

First Adam Lanza, now Elliot Rodger—both reported as having Asperger’s. But making the leap from an autism spectrum disorder to violence (especially murder) is dangerously wrong.

US asks judge to reconsider his CIA prison order

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — Prosecutors are asking a military judge in Guantanamo Bay to reconsider his order that they share with defense attorneys details about a detainee's experience in secret CIA prisons after he was arrested in connection with the deadly attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

Obama to answer foreign policy critics in Military Academy speech

By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will seek to counter unrelenting criticism of his foreign policy on Wednesday in a speech that may open the door to a slightly deeper U.S. involvement in Syria. In the commencement address to graduates at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., Obama will lay out a broad vision for America's role, one that is reliant on international diplomacy and avoids over-reaching or unilateral action. He will set out a counter-terrorism strategy to reflect a threat that is less focused on Afghanistan as the war there winds down, and redirect resources to places like North Africa. He is expected to express a willingness to expand assistance to Syrian opposition groups who are trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad, but officials do not expect him to announce a plan for training Syrian rebels.

China sentences 55 in mass trial at Xinjiang stadium

Authorities in China's mainly Muslim Xinjiang mounted a mass sentencing in a stadium for 55 people on offences including terrorism, state media said Wednesday, as they press a crackdown on escalating violence. About 7,000 people and Communist Party officials in Ili prefecture attended the "mass gathering for public sentencing, public arrests and public criminal detention, punishing a group of violent terrorist criminals in accordance with the law", said an online report by the official news agency Xinhua.

Mothers of Tiananmen dead fight to keep truth alive

The last thing Zhang Xianling told her son was not to go to Tiananmen Square. Zhang's 19-year-old son Wang Nan bled to death over several hours after being shot in the head and denied medical care, and was buried nearby. Now 76, Zhang has become one of the leaders of the "Tiananmen Mothers".

14 Dems express opposition to Venezuela sanctions

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen Democratic members of Congress are voicing opposition to authorizing unilateral U.S. sanctions against Venezuela ahead of a House vote Wednesday.

Labour loses control of Tower Hamlets amid intimidation claims

Labour lost control of London's Tower Hamlets in an election marred by allegations of voter intimidation. Labour still won most votes and claimed 20 seats, two more that the "Tower Hamlets First" party of re-elected mayor Lutfur Rahman, but lost overall control of the council. The Electoral Commission announced it will investigate why the borough took so long to count the results, with voters going to the polls on Thursday. A spokesperson for the commission earlier said: "Clearly there have been issues at the Tower Hamlets count and we need to make sure we understand what happened, and the reasons for it, before reaching any conclusions.

Obama postpones review of US deportation policy

President Barack Obama has postponed a review of US deportation policy for undocumented workers, hoping to give legislative reform a better chance, a White House official said. Obama called on Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to "hold on the release" of the results and recommendations of a review of procedures for deporting undocumented workers, the official said. In doing so, the White House hopes to keep Republican push-back in Congress at bay, postponing a review that could drive those on the opposite side of the isle from legislative compromise. Obama has previously warned that a narrow window remains to pass legislative immigration reform before mid-term elections, seeking to keep alive perhaps his last hope for a major second-term domestic achievement.

91-year-old Rep. Hall ousted in Texas GOP primary

ROCKWALL, Texas (AP) — Congressman Ralph Hall, at 91 the oldest-ever member of the U.S. House, was ousted Tuesday in the Texas Republican runoff by a candidate barely half his age.

Tea Party cruises to wins in Texas Republican primary runoffs

By Marice Richter DALLAS (Reuters) - Texas Republicans aligned with Tea Party darling Ted Cruz were projected to win primary runoffs on Tuesday for two of the state's most powerful posts, while U.S. Representative Ralph Hall, 91, was ousted by a challenger about half his age. The Tea Party win over established politicians boosts the stature of U.S. Senator Cruz, a possible 2016 Republican presidential contender, and returns some luster to the Tea Party movement after several candidates were defeated by mainstream Republicans in primaries in other states last week. Hall, the oldest serving member of the House of Representatives, lost in a Republican primary runoff election to Tea Party-backed challenger, John Ratcliffe, a former U.S. attorney.

French opposition boss quits over Sarkozy funding scandal

The leader of France's embattled centre-right opposition quit following claims that invoices for former president Nicolas Sarkozy's 2012 election campaign were fraudulently billed as party expenses. Jean-Francois Cope agreed to step down at the request of fellow heavyweights in the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) following the latest twist in an scandal engulfing him and a PR firm owned by two close friends. The 50-year-old leader's position became untenable after Sarkozy's former deputy campaign director gave an explosive television interview on Monday evening. Jerome Lavrilleux tearfully claimed that bills for Sarkozy's failed 2012 re-election campaign were passed off as invoices for party meetings in order to skirt round France's strict limits on campaign financing.