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YA Adaptations Are Wiser Than You Think

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ may not have the complexity of a mature literary classic. But, when compared to its ‘adult’ cinematic competition, it is wise beyond its years.

The Surprisingly Good Flight 370 Novel

One victim’s relative has branded it “disgusting.” But in an exclusive interview, Scott Maka, author of ‘MH370: A Novella,’ defends imagining a botched hijacking, technical failure, and a good-hearted terrorist attempting to pilot the plane to safety.

A Dying Father, a Faithful Son

As his father lay dying in a New York hospital, Adam Hochschild kept the older man company and meditated on the bonds, spoken and unspoken, between them.

The Week’s Best Longreads

From the rise of privatized police forces in crime-torn Oakland to a dangerous new FDA-approved painkiller, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.

Fighting The Talibanization Of Pakistan

Death at the hands of Taliban attackers has become a daily occurrence in Pakistan—and yet it’s ordinary people, not the government, who are intent on fighting back.

Does Fatherhood Make Men Healthier?

Studies have found more heart disease, but less prostate cancer, among the childless. How do horsey rides and ulcers from dealing with teens add up for dads’ mortality?

A Mom’s Death Over Missed School Days

A Pennsylvania woman was sent to jail for 48 hours over $2,000 in unpaid fines for her kids’ truancy. Officials found her dead in her cell. What happened?

Gay marriage on hold in Wisconsin pending appeal

By Brendan O'Brien MADISON Wis. (Reuters) - A federal judge on Friday put same-sex marriages in Wisconsin on hold pending appeals of her ruling one week ago that the state's ban on gay nuptials is unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb said she issued the stay at the request of Wisconsin officials who are appealing her decision and to avoid further confusion among county clerks who have issued hundreds of marriage licenses. Crabb wrote in her opinion that she was required to follow the guidance of the U.S. Supreme Court and issue a stay, despite finding it difficult "after seeing the expressions of joy on the faces of so many newly wedded couples." The judge's ruling last Friday that Wisconsin's 2006 ban violated the U.S. Constitution brought a rush to county clerks offices and a flurry of marriages. According to Fair Wisconsin, an LGBT advocacy organization, 61 of the state's 72 county clerks have issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples since the ruling.

Afghans vote in election clouded by Taliban and fraud fears

Afghans head to the polls on Saturday to vote in a second-round presidential election under the threat of Taliban attack, as US-led combat troops wind down a 13-year war that has failed to defeat the insurgents. The run-off election will decide whether former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah or ex-World Bank economist Ashraf Ghani leads the country into a new era with declining international military and civilian assistance. President Hamid Karzai is due to step down after ruling the country since 2001, when a US-led offensive ousted the austere Taliban regime for sheltering Al-Qaeda militants behind the 9/11 attacks. Afghan officials and international allies are hoping for a repeat of the successful first-round vote in April, when the insurgents failed to launch a single high-profile attack and voter turnout was more than 50 percent.

Banish sexual violence 'to dark ages': Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry said it was time to banish sexual violence "to the dark ages" as an international conference on rape as a weapon of war wrapped up in London. The four-day gathering of 123 countries, co-hosted by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, has sought to break the taboo of wartime rape and tackle a culture of impunity that experts warn is only creating more victims. "It's time to ban sexual violence to the dark ages and history books where it belongs," Kerry said at the closing press conference alongside Jolie and her co-host, British Foreign Secretary William Hague. "We have all come together based on a common desire to end war zone sexual violence, and we have mapped out every area of action we need to take," the 39-year-old said.

Clinton has reasons to run at her ready

WASHINGTON (AP) — She insists she hasn't decided on a second bid for the presidency. But Hillary Rodham Clinton is laying out more reasons to run than not during her coast-to-coast book tour.

Army: Bergdahl 'looked good' after returning to US

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — In the moments after Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl arrived back in the United States following five years of captivity by the Taliban, he was nervous but "looked good" and saluted a commanding officer who welcomed him home, military officials said Friday.

Christie tries to move past scandal with comedy

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie's latest appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" not only proved the man can bust a move and take a joke. It also provided an opportunity for the potential Republican presidential contender to put the traffic scandal in his rear-view mirror.