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Gov't: Birth control mandate should not be blocked

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Friday called on a Supreme Court justice to stop blocking the new health care law's requirement that some religion-affiliated organizations provide health insurance that includes birth control.

Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs: report

Forget the hangman’s noose, the firing squad or lethal injection: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un executed his uncle and a handful of the man’s aides by feeding them to a horde of 120 starving dogs, according to a shocking account.

Palestinian protesters greet Kerry's visit

Palestinian protesters on Friday condemned the latest efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to advance peace talks with Israel, using chants evoking the Arab uprisings and telling him to go home. Hours before Kerry was due to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a raucous crowd of several hundred took to the streets of Ramallah, the West Bank's de facto capital, chanting "Kerry, you coward, there's no place for you in Palestine!" Separately, an official close to Abbas dismissed Kerry's drive for a "framework agreement" as biased toward Israel. But Yasser Abed Rabbo, Abbas's deputy in the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said the plan, still being finalized, "restricts Palestinian sovereignty on Palestinian land".

McCain: Israel concerned about Mideast peace deal

JERUSALEM (AP) — Republican Sen. John McCain says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has "serious, serious concerns" about parts of the proposal Secretary of State John Kerry is using to broker peace with the Palestinians.

America Feels Like the North Pole

As people from Chicago to New York dig out a foot or more of snow, the second wave of an arctic attack begins.

Boehner’s Immigration Cojones

Surprise signs of immigration progress have been spotted on Capitol Hill, raising the prospect that John Boehner could yet shepherd reform through Congress without sacrificing his job.

Michael Scheuer’s Meltdown

It’s been a long way down for the former CIA hand and over-the-top Iraq War critic—right down to endorsing the assassinations of Barack Obama and David Cameron.

America’s 5 Biggest Blizzards

Think it’s a drag to shovel a foot of snow? Try the 50 inches that hit the East Coast in 1888—way before snowblowers. A look at the real storms of the centuries.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Die

Aubrey Lee Price disappeared in 2012, allegedly suicidal over the millions he was found to have embezzled from his banking job. As fake-dead fugitives go, it was amateur hour.

He's Not Your Typical Rapper

Action Bronson is a hefty Queens native and ex-chef. With a style like Ghostface Killah and rhymes about gourmet food, he's also leading New York’s hip-hop reawakening.

China’s Private Spy Firm?

Fears from the Obama administration and Congress are mounting about Chinese telecom giant Huawei’s plan to build a wireless network in South Korea.

Turkey Doesn’t Want A Dictator

Prime Minister Erdogan is blaming a corruption case on his political nemesis, but the reality is that the government has been overstepping its democratic bounds.

How Rob Ford Could Win

His opponents are up against the bizarre logic that pushed the crack-smoking Toronto mayor to ascend and survive. But how far are voters willing to go for an agenda they support?

China’s Hidden Jews

In Kaifeng, where Sephardic Jews from the Silk Road settled in the 12th century, their descendants are rediscovering long-last religious practices and petitioning Israel for recognition.

Is the New ‘Community’ Any Good?

‘Community’ is back for a fifth season. It's also technically starting over. Is the reboot the same brilliant show? Or a ‘Scrubs’-sized failure?

The GOP’s ‘Jobs’ Hypocrisy

Conservatives are suddenly hot on measures that Democrats have been touting for years. So why can’t they can’t acknowledge their own party is the biggest obstacle?