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On Blaming Nazi Space Aliens

Did you know North Korea has schools that rival Eton? That Nazi space aliens are running D.C.? Propaganda peddled by Russian and Iranian state media is shocking—and absurd.

The Future of Gay TV?

He’s been on ‘Glee.’ He voiced a Disney character. Now Jonathan Groff is getting a hand job in a park. The breakout star on HBO's ‘Looking’ and the obsession over his new ‘gay show.’

Arms Crackdown Could Help Al Qaeda

Turkey’s embattled government has been accused of suspected weapons shipments to Syria—but tighter border controls could end up harming moderate rebels and helping jihadists.

Bruce Still Misty Over Christie?

Where do things stand between The Boss and The Bully these days? After Springsteen’s Jimmy Fallon spoof masterclass, the Jersey love-affair might be over.

Spain’s Mad Monk

For most of us, it’s hard enough to construct a decent sand castle. But one devoted monk has singlehandedly built a grand cathedral over the last 50 years, one brick at a time.

The Lawyer Suing Over Bridgegate

Rosemary Arnold says her clients—including a doggy-daycare owner—suffered when their town was jammed with traffic.

Can a Shoe Salesman Save Sin City?

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is building a tech utopia out of the rubble of downtown Las Vegas. Can a shoe salesman save Sin City?

Cheating alleged in US nuclear missile force

WASHINGTON (AP) — In what may be the biggest such scandal in Air Force history, 34 officers entrusted with land-based nuclear missiles have been pulled off the job for alleged involvement in a cheating ring that officials say was uncovered during a drug probe.

Cybersecurity chief had qualms over health website

WASHINGTON (AP) — The top cybersecurity officer for the Health and Human Services Department said he was concerned about potential vulnerabilities ahead of the launch of the Obama administration's health care website.

Apple agrees to refund $32.5M for kids' purchases

WASHINGTON (AP) — Plenty of parents have been there — handing over the iPhone or iPad to a child while waiting in the doctor's office, standing in line at Starbucks or sitting in the car for a long road trip with the family. The youngster is playing a game on a fun mobile app and then hands you the phone saying he needs your password. Next thing you know, there's a charge on your credit card from Apple.

House retirements shrink the political center

WASHINGTON (AP) — Retirements are shrinking the political center in Congress as the fall elections force an answer to the question, "Should I stay or should I go?"

Senate ready to send $1.1T spending bill to Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — Drained of much of its vitriol over the budget, Congress is poised to adopt a $1.1 trillion package financing federal agencies this year, a bipartisan compromise that all but banishes the specter of an election-year government shutdown.

Report: Systemic failures led to Benghazi attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan Senate report on the attacks on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, paints a picture of systemic failure of security for U.S. diplomats overseas that led to the deaths of the ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

GOP Candidate: Spousal Rape Is No Crime

State Senator Richard Black has been telling his fellow Virginians for more than a decade that spousal rape is not a crime, and now he’s running for Congress.

The 'American Idol' Clown Show

America’s favorite singing contest debuted its thirteenth season with a focus on talent over wackiness. But the show is still fun. We're loving (almost) every minute.

Obama seeks to build unity with Senate Democrats in election year

By Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama sought to build a united front with Democratic senators on Wednesday, inviting them to the White House to chat about "shared goals" heading into midterm elections in which Republicans will try to exploit Obama's woes to pick up seats. Obama urged senators to hold off on a proposed Iran sanctions bill that many support - and which he has vowed to veto. The White House has said the legislation would derail an international deal to curb Iran's nuclear program. Obama, not known for his tendency to schmooze, sat on a stool with a microphone in the ornate East Room of the White House, giving brief remarks before taking questions from senators for about 90 minutes.

Obama urges Senate Dems to put off Iran sanctions

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama implored Democratic senators Wednesday to put off new sanctions against Iran that he warned could derail delicate nuclear talks. Regrouping at the start of a busy election year, Obama also encouraged Democrats to coalesce behind a proposed minimum wage hike as a cornerstone of the party's economic message to voters.

Lieberman: Obama lacks coherent anti-terror plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Sen. Joe Lieberman told a House panel Wednesday that President Barack Obama has "no coherent" anti-terrorism strategy in embattled countries where al-Qaida is gaining new influence, and that's endangering the United States.