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Obama picks Latino bank founder to head SBA

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday will nominate Maria Contreras-Sweet, who founded a Latino-owned community bank in Los Angeles, to lead the Small Business Administration, a White House official said. The nomination will round out Obama's second-term Cabinet. Contreras-Sweet founded ProAmerica Bank and is the chair of the business. The Mexican-born Contreras-Sweet immigrated to the United States at a young age. (Reporting by Steve Holland; Editing by James Dalgleish)

Longtime Virginia Democratic lawmaker Moran to retire

U.S. Representative Jim Moran said on Wednesday he will retire from Congress at the end of his term this year, making the Virginia Democrat the third liberal congressman to step down this week. Moran, whose district lies just south of Washington, has represented Virginia in the House of Representatives for more than two decades and is on the chamber's Appropriations Committee. On Monday, Representative George Miller of California, a political ally of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, announced plans to leave at the end of his term this year.

Dems, GOP in Congress: Unlucky in Love

Misery loves company as the top political parties sally forth into the 2014 midterm election year: Merely a third of Americans approve of the way the Democrats in Congress are handling their jobs – and even fewer, just a quarter, approve of their Republican counterparts....

Obama to announce manufacturing institute in NC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Highlighting the growing manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy, President Barack Obama is proposing new ways for the government and the private sector to help keep those jobs coming.

Upworthy’s Body Image Rage

The activist website says its most popular posts of 2013 dealt with the media’s portrayal of women’s bodies—but measuring users’ feminist outrage turns out to be a slippery task

What WWZ Can Teach Walking Dead

For every thoughtful episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’ there was another bogged down with annoying squabbles and tedious villains. Does Brad Pitt’s zombie flick have the answers?

The Dangerous Corset Diet

Some women have resorted to wearing corset to lose weight, claiming it helps them eat less and reshapes their bodies. Not so, says science. Here’s why the corset diet is a bad idea.

Iran's Tribute to a Terrorist

Iran's foreign minister paid homage this week to a Hezbollah mastermind and an early mentor of Osama bin Laden whose terror tactics inspired the '98 embassy bombings.

All About Paris

Famous for her novels about Americans living and loving in Paris, Diane Johnson’s new book is about home, America. She talks to Noah Charney about her writing routine, the best advice she ever got, and life in Paris.

The End of the Internet? Maybe.

If you think cable TV sucks, just wait. Craig Aaron, president and CEO of Free Press, says the end of the Internet as we know it is coming—unless we do something about that.

Britain OKs Asylum For Atheist

A 21-year-old Afghan who says he does not believe in God has been granted asylum by the U.K. over fears of religious persecution if he were to return to his conservative society.

Clintons Timid Next to Christie

A Hillary ‘Hit List’? Sounds a lot like the way Christie plays ball. Except there’s no evidence at all that Clinton did anything to anyone.

Our Oscar Nomination Predictions

Will Joaquin Phoenix make it? What about the Coen brothers? The Daily Beast’s resident Oscarologists debate who will—and who should—be nominated for the Oscars.

Karzai's Revenge on the U.S.

Robert Gates’s memoir reveals the deep distrust U.S. leaders harbor toward Afghan President Karzai, who has responded by frustrating American interests at every turn.

The Movie Theater Murder

After a retired Tampa cop fatally shot a texting moviegoer, his lawyer mounts a popcorn defense that raises the ugly specter of Stand Your Ground.

Parents Come Out of the Pot Closet

Two weeks after recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado, baby boomers are lining up to celebrate. If anyone can decriminalize marijuana in the minds of Americans—it’s them.

A Girl Like That

Ahead of her lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild this Saturday, Rita Moreno dishes on “West Side Story,” dating Marlon Brando and Elvis, and why she’s hit her prime at 82.