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Merkel backs plans to stem energy cost rises

BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel is backing plans to stem the rising costs of Germany's transition to renewable energy as her new government meets to launch its legislative agenda.

US slams Syrian diplomat for speech at peace talks

MONTREUX, Switzerland (AP) — The United States is criticizing Syria's top diplomat for his "inflammatory" speech at an international peace conference aimed at ending the country's brutal conflict.

Afghanistan cracks down on advertising in favor of U.S. troops

By Hamid Shalizi KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's government, increasingly at odds with Washington, is cracking down on advertisements that promote keeping U.S. troops in the country after 2014 and has already shut down a spot aired by the country's most widely watched broadcasters. The commercials - some funded by a U.S. organization - have drawn official criticism because they urge President Hamid Karzai to abandon his refusal to sign a security pact with the United States that would enable the troops to stay. "We have launched an investigation into broadcasters to find out where they receive money from for such advertisements," Basir Azizi, a spokesman for the attorney general, told Reuters on Wednesday. Despite Karzai's refusal to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) unless several conditions were met, many Afghans are uncertain the army is able to fend off Taliban insurgents without help from the NATO-led ISAF coalition of troops.

Obama targets college sexual assault epidemic

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is launching an initiative to combat sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, turning the spotlight on a problem that has devastated millions of Americans yet rarely receives such White House attention.

EU ups emission limits, relaxes renewables target

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Commission is proposing tougher binding targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions but is shying away from more ambitious mandatory renewable energy goals in its fight against climate change.

Mr. Takei's Wild Ride

‘To Be Takei’ tells the tale of George Takei, from his childhood in Japanese internment camps to shattering racial stereotypes on ‘Star Trek.’

Yes, Old People Have Sex (Sorry)

Everybody seems obsessed with the idea that seniors are having more sex—and spreading STDs. But the data paints a different story.

Shailene Woodley Grows Up

You’ll be hearing a lot about Shailene Woodley this year, with starring roles in the blockbuster ‘Divergent’ and the drama ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’

The Navy’s Bernie Madoff

Bryan Caisse’s lawyer describes him as a misunderstood businessman with good intentions. The prosecution calls the Naval Academy graduate a schemer who sought to bilk friends and former classmates out of more than $1 million.

My Night at the NSFW Oscars

Remember when porn meant something? At the lackluster 2014 AVN Awards, an event long-billed as the Academy Awards for the adult industry, things got a little weird.

Your Life Sorted in a Single App

Struggling with a decision? ChoiceMap, an iPhone app, uses an algorithm to help you make the right call.

Autumn of the Patriarchy

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the same backwards mindset threatening a woman’s right to abortion is also behind a sudden uptick in domestic violence.

2016’s MAD Strategy

Beset by scandals new and ghosts of old, Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie may find spin and innuendo used against them to capsize their presidential campaigns early.

Vitter Slithers Back to Bayou

After surviving a prostitution scandal and a dead madam, the Republican wants to be Bayou State’s next governor.

The Science Behind Virgin Births

Turns out that nun who gave birth to a child named after the Pope is in good company in the long history of virgin births. Professor Candida Moss on all the strange excuses given when there’s no father.

Truth About Abortion Protesters

Justice Scalia calls the demonstrators “counselors” who are comforting women. That’s not what I found at one New Jersey clinic.

NYC: Football Capital of the USA

The host of this year’s Super Bowl, the Big Apple has seen more than its share of memorable games and unforgettable players, from Frank Gifford to Peyton Manning.

On Foot in the Moroccan Mountains

There's nothing like a remote trek through Morocco to help you find freedom and peace of mind…especially when the day ends with Berber whiskey and a delicious lamb tagine.