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Medical News Today: Zika vaccine offers complete protection in monkeys

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 23:00
A Zika vaccine called ZPIV has shown complete protection in both mice and monkeys, and it is now due to enter human trials later this year.

Medical News Today: Neck Pain: What Does It Mean?

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 23:00
Learn all about the causes of neck pain, including a list of symptoms and advice on when to see a doctor. This article also looks at whiplash.

Medical News Today: Tinder: Users experience body dissatisfaction, body shame, low self-esteem

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 23:00
A study examining the connection between Tinder use and psychological well-being finds users report negative body image perception and low self-esteem.

Medical News Today: Lower BMI, weight loss in later life linked with Alzheimer's

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 08:00
An investigation into the relationship between seniors' weight and risk of Alzheimer's has revealed that lower weight is linked with elevated disease risk.

Medical News Today: Brain aging accelerated by 10 years with midlife overweight, obesity

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 07:00
Researchers find that being overweight or obese in midlife leads to a reduction in white matter volume that is the equivalent of a decade of brain aging.

Medical News Today: Specific brain-training technique shown to reduce dementia risk

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 06:00
A meta-analysis of brain-training studies shows that not all techniques are equal, but speed of processing training reduces dementia risk.

Medical News Today: All You Need to Know About Internal Hemangiomas

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 05:00
Learn all about internal hemangiomas - benign tumors that can be found on organs such as the liver and brain. Find out about their diagnosis and treatment.

Medical News Today: Throat Cancer: Get the Facts

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 23:00
Learn all about the causes and risk factors for throat cancer. This article also looks at the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the condition.

Medical News Today: Change in 'cervical stitch' thread size could save infants' lives

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 23:00
A stitch in the cervix can prevent preterm births. New research shows that the size of thread most commonly used could negatively impact health outcomes.

Medical News Today: Sleep disorders increase stroke risk, harm recovery

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 23:00
A new meta-analysis finds sleep disorders - particularly sleep breathing disorders - increase the risk of stroke and hinder patients' recovery.

Medical News Today: Alzheimer's: Biochip blood test detects disease risk

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 08:00
Researchers from Randox Laboratories and Medical University of Vienna have shown that a biochip blood test can detect raised risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Medical News Today: In the raw: To cook or not to cook?

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 07:00
The raw food diet has gained popularity in recent years. What does it involve, is it really worthwhile, and how can we know? Find out more about going raw.

Medical News Today: Heart disease risk higher with latent tooth infection

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 06:00
Researchers find people with apical periodontitis - inflammation of the tooth pulp, which is often asymptomatic - may be at greater risk for heart disease.

Medical News Today: What Does Wrist Pain Mean?

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 05:00
There are many different causes of wrist pain. This article looks at these along with the risk factors, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of wrist pain.

Medical News Today: Is Shingles Contagious? What You Need to Know

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 23:00
This article looks at how shingles is transmitted, along with the risk factors involved with the condition and steps that can be taken to prevent it.

Medical News Today: Common virus' link to breast cancer investigated

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 23:00
The most common virus to infect humans - EBV - plays a role in breast cancer. New research may have uncovered the mechanisms behind this relationship.

Medical News Today: Pregnancy rates higher for women who have had tonsils, appendix removed

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 23:00
A new study suggests women who underwent surgical removal of the appendix or tonsils when younger are more likely to become pregnant.

Medical News Today: Worldwide obesity: Meat protein has as much effect as sugar

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 08:00
Global obesity affects more than 600 million adults over the age of 18 years. A new study reveals that protein in meat may be a contributing factor.

Medical News Today: Sexual behavior: Millennials not the 'hookup generation' after all

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 07:00
While there is widespread notion that millennials are the 'hookup' generation through dating apps like Tinder, new research shows this is not the case.

Medical News Today: How night shifts can increase cancer risk

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 06:00
Night shifts may promote cancer development by disrupting two circadian rhythm genes that also play a role in tumor suppression, researchers find.