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Turkey disappoints West with low-key role in IS fight

Ankara (AFP) - Blamed by some for prompting the rise of the Islamic State insurgency, Turkey has finally taken steps to tighten its borders with Iraq and Syria but is still disappointing the West over its low-key role in the anti-IS fight.

Lebanon deaths in suicide attack on Hezbollah checkpoint

Baalbek (Lebanon) (AFP) - A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed a number of Hezbollah fighters when he blew himself up close to a checkpoint in eastern Lebanon of the powerful Shite group, a security official said.

UN announces deal to 'resolve' Yemen crisis

Sanaa (AFP) - The UN envoy to Yemen announced Saturday that an accord had been reached to "resolve the current crisis" after a week of deadly fighting between Shiite rebels and pro-government forces.

UN announces accord to 'resolve crisis' in Yemen

Sanaa (AFP) - The UN envoy to Yemen announced Saturday that an accord had been reached to "resolve the current crisis" in Yemen, after a week of deadly fighting between Shiite rebels and pro-government forces.

Scotland fears loss of new powers in referendum hangover

Edinburgh (AFP) - Having rejected independence and lost First Minister Alex Salmond, Scotland woke up to an unsettled future Saturday as fears grew that new powers promised by London will prove a disappointment.

Khodorkovsky launches movement to challenge Putin

Moscow (AFP) - Defying strongman Vladimir Putin from his self-imposed exile, ex-tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Saturday launched an ambitious movement to unite pro-European Russians in a bid to challenge the Kremlin's grip on power.

Afghan presidential rivals set to ink 'unity government' deal

Kabul (AFP) - Afghanistan's two rival presidential candidates are due to sign a power-sharing agreement Sunday, officials said, forming a potentially rocky coalition that will end a prolonged stand-off over the disputed election result.

Tight security for N.Korea athletes

Incheon (South Korea) (AFP) - Hundreds of South Korean security personnel, including intelligence agents, are guarding North Korean athletes at the Asian Games as the host nation takes no chances during the showcase event, officials said Saturday.

NATO cautiously welcomes Ukraine buffer zone deal

Kiev (AFP) - NATO's top military commander expressed cautious optimism Saturday that a tenuous Ukrainian ceasefire whose details were thrashed out in marathon overnight negotiations would help end a bloody pro-Kremlin uprising that has inflamed East-West ties.

Economic injustice theme of Pope, Kirchner meet

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis met Argentine President Cristina Kirchner on Saturday for a closed-door Vatican meeting focused largely on the theme of economic injustice, as Buenos Aires fights hedge fund creditors.

John Key: Millionaire PM Kiwis want to have a beer with

Wellington (AFP) - New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who won a third term on Saturday, has achieved the rare feat of combining an everyman appeal with economic credibility and political pragmatism.

GOP's Roberts heads to swing-voting east Kansas

LAWRENCE, Kansas (AP) — U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas is taking his conservative re-election message into the state's swing-voting east in his campaign against independent candidate Greg Orman.

Why the Secret Service didn’t shoot the White House fence-jumper

The small army of Secret Service agents guarding the White House carry a wide range of weapons and get training on how to repel armed assaults – so why did no one shoot the intruder who jumped the fence on Friday and got all the way to the mansion’s doors?

Scots voted 'No' over economic worries: analysis

London (AFP) - Scots were driven to reject independence in a historic referendum more out of fears over the economic risks of going alone than a strong attachment to the United Kingdom, a survey analysis shows.

London to help France pay for Calais migrants

Paris (AFP) - Britain has bowed to French pressure to help foot the bill for migrants flooding into the northern port of Calais in a bid to reach Britain, according to Paris on Saturday.

Disputed Afghan election result to be announced Sunday

Kabul (AFP) - The result of Afghanistan's disputed election will be declared on Sunday, officials said Saturday, as last-minute talks between the two rival candidates struggled to nail down a proposed power-sharing deal.

Yemen clashes ground planes, close schools

Sanaa (AFP) - Flights to the Yemeni capital were suspended for a second straight day Saturday as the toll mounted from clashes between pro-government forces and rebels despite UN efforts to reach a ceasefire.