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Updated: 2 hours 27 min ago

Medical News Today: How Can Diet Affect Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

18 hours 29 min ago
Learn about what foods may help a person with fibromyalgia and which ones they should avoid. What other lifestyle measures might help with symptoms?

Medical News Today: Talk therapy strengthens brain connections to treat psychosis

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 23:00
A new study suggests that cognitive behavior therapy can strengthen brain connections in a way that leads to long-term recovery from psychosis.

Medical News Today: Magnesium Glycinate: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 23:00
Learn about when magnesium glycinate is used. What are the benefits, risks, and complications of its use? Is magnesium deficiency dangerous?

Medical News Today: Estrogen regulates the brain's fear response, protecting against PTSD

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 23:00
A new study examines how the sex hormone estrogen affects gene regulation in the brain, affecting the formation of fear memories and PTSD.

Medical News Today: Inattentive ADHD: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 05:00
Learn all about inattentive ADHD, a type of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This article looks at the condition's symptoms and treatment options.

Medical News Today: Can Marijuana Help Treat Fibromyalgia?

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 23:00
Many people use marijuana as for pain relief, so might it be used as treatment for fibromyalgia? Learn about what research has to say about the drug.

Medical News Today: Death risk may be higher for participants of U.S. food assistance program

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 23:00
A new study finds that subjects who are a part of the federal food assistance program SNAP may be at a much higher risk of death than nonparticipants.

Medical News Today: 'Soft robot' designed to pump failing hearts

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 23:00
Heart failure affects millions of Americans. A new wave of 'soft robots' capable of mimicking heart muscles may save lives on the transplant waiting list.

Medical News Today: Chewing your food could protect against infection

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 08:00
New research finds that chewing food can trigger the oral release of Th17 cells - a type of immune cell that can help to protect against infection.

Medical News Today: Early-life asthma may contribute to childhood obesity

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 07:00
A new study examines the link between early-life asthma and the risk of developing obesity in childhood. The research also investigates asthma medication.

Medical News Today: Could statins help to reduce blood clots in veins?

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 06:00
A research review suggests that statins - commonly used for reducing cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease - may also prevent blood clots in veins.

Medical News Today: Prune Juice: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 05:00
Learn about the major nutrients found in prunes, the amount of dietary fiber, and their medical properties. Should prune juice be given to children?

Medical News Today: Acute Coronary Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 23:00
Learn about different types of acute coronary syndrome and associated risk factors. How is it diagnosed and are there lifestyle changes that can help?

Medical News Today: Examining inflammation and gut bacteria in type 1 diabetes

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 23:00
Evidence for the role of gut bacteria and inflammation in the etiology of type 1 diabetes is steadily mounting. Breaking research adds more detail.

Medical News Today: Protein deficiency may explain kidney disease

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 23:00
A new study investigates the link between the circulating protein called 'soluble Klotho' and the risk of declining kidney function.

Medical News Today: Alzheimer's protein buildup disrupts the brain's navigation center

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 08:00
New research suggests that a buildup of tau - a hallmark of Alzheimer's - interferes with the brain's GPS, explaining why some Alzheimer's patients wander.

Medical News Today: Sedentary lifestyle speeds up biological aging, study finds

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 07:00
A new study looks at how a sedentary lifestyle, with little exercise, affects telomere length and leads to biological aging in older women.

Medical News Today: Dental implant with slow-release drug reservoir reduces infection risk

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 06:00
A dental implant with a built-in reservoir allows the slow release of antimicrobial drugs that prevent and eliminate biofilms to reduce risk of infection.

Medical News Today: Types of Multiple Sclerosis: Differences in Symptoms and Outlook

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 05:00
How do the symptoms differ with different types of multiple sclerosis? Learn about how MS is diagnosed and how treatments differ between these types.

Medical News Today: Cachexia: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 23:00
What causes cachexia, what are the risk factors, and what are the complications? Can cachexia be prevented, and what is cancer anorexia cachexia syndrome?