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Study: Preschoolers need more outdoor time at child care centers

Thu, 11/12/2015 - 02:00
A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds child care centers play a pivotal role when it comes to the physical activity levels of preschoolers.

PFOA exposure in utero linked to child adiposity and faster BMI gain

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 23:00
Children whose mothers were exposed to relatively high levels of the chemical PFOA during pregnancy experienced more rapid body fat gain and higher body fat by age 8 than children whose mothers were...

Gene therapy makes advances against a lethal childhood disorder

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 23:00
CHOP researchers delay symptoms in animal model of Batten disease.Researchers have taken a significant step forward in developing gene therapy against a fatal neurodegenerative disease that strikes...

Change in a single DNA base drives a childhood cancer

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 23:00
CHOP researchers detail how a super-enhancer gene causes high-risk neuroblastoma.

How to deal with child burns and scalds

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 23:00
In this article, find out about different types of burns and how to treat children who experience them, along with measures that can be taken to help prevent burns occurring.

Higher suicide risk for those whose parents die when they are young

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 07:00
If a parent dies of suicide, the offspring have a greater risk of committing suicide later; a new study shows that even if the parent died of other causes, the risk is also high.

Study shows why 4-year-olds don't thrive in Head Start classes

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 07:00
Most Head Start classrooms serve children of mixed ages and that hurts the academic growth of older children, a new national study suggests.

New therapy calms inflammation in 'butterfly' skin

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 07:00
Children with the rare genetic disease Epidermolysis Bullosa face a lifetime of pain due to constant blistering of their skin and other body surfaces.

Study finds teasing girls about weight is more than a playground joke

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 06:00
College of Education Research examined unhealthy eating behaviors, body perception in minority girls.

Cleft lip and palate: NAM treatment proving beneficial to both newborns and caregivers

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 05:00
Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common birth defects in the US. Although providing care to a child with cleft lip and palate can cause anxiety in parents, one therapy has been found to not...

Childhood cancer survivors at heightened risk of several autoimmune diseases

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 05:00
They seem particularly vulnerable to diabetes, Addison's and thyroid diseasesChildhood cancer survivors are at heightened risk of a wide range of autoimmune diseases, reveals research...

Home-based educational intervention improves asthma among Hispanic children

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 03:00
Significant improvements in frequency of asthma attacks and symptoms, hospitalization rates and acute care visits, quality of life, and asthma knowledge were reported among a largely Hispanic...

Childhood obesity is linked to poverty and parenting style

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 03:00
In 2013, 42 million infants and young children worldwide were overweight or obese.

Prenatal alcohol exposure: Services insufficient in supporting those affected

Wed, 11/11/2015 - 02:00
There is an urgent need to do more to recognize prenatal alcohol exposure at an early stage and to integrate better pathways for diagnosis, assessment and support, finds a special issue of the SAGE...

Obese 8-year-olds found with signs of heart disease

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 23:00
With the ever-worsening obesity problem in America, a new study makes some rather worrying and surprising findings: signs of heart disease start younger than expected.

Bystander CPR on kids has increased, survival odds improve for some

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 12:00
Bystander CPR on kids is increasing and is improving survival from cardiac arrest outside the hospital, according to research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2015.

Reform or scrap the 'fat letter' to parents: RSPH survey reveals only 1 in 5 parents find information from schools on their child's weight useful

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:00
As part of a raft of measures aimed at tackling...

Research focuses on techniques for identifying "rampage" school shooters

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:00
School shootings - mainly in the USA - occur with tragic frequency. Now, investigative psychologists at the University of Huddersfield are carrying out research that is leading to new techniques...

Encouraging results as Sahel governments collaborate to prevent malaria in children under five

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:00
Preliminary results from the first months of implementation of the first project to scale up SMC across the Sahel suggest significant decrease in malaria cases and malaria-related deaths.

Innovative health program reduces depression, unhealthy weights in teens

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 05:00
An innovative high school health program helped students maintain healthier weights and even alleviated severe depression for a full year after the program ended.