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Preterm birth affects subtle but important memory function

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 23:00
A new study has found that children born prematurely show differences in a subtle but important aspect of memory: the ability to form and retrieve memories about context, such as what, when, and...

Twelve new genetic causes for rare developmental disorders discovered

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 23:00
Initial results from the world’s largest diagnostic sequencing program have yielded 12 new genetic causes for rare developmental disorders, such as congenital heart defects.

Phthalate emissions from vinyl crib mattress covers increased by heat

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 23:00
The U.S. continues to look at the use and regulation of phthalates, which have been associated with health problems. Of particular concern is the safety of these plastic additives to children.

Social relationships, achievement impacted by childhood caregiving experiences

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 23:00
Do the effects of early caregiving experiences remain or fade as individuals develop?

Child abuse linked to increased risk of migraine in adulthood

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 23:00
Adults who are emotionally abused during childhood may be at much higher risk of experiencing migraine over tension headache in adulthood, a new study finds.

Fast-food consumption in children linked to poorer academic outcomes

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 23:00
A new study found that children who ate fast food in the fifth grade had up to 20% lower test scores in the eighth grade than those who did not eat fast food.

AMA urges vigilance and care around water over holidays

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 00:00
AMA President, A/Prof Brian Owler, warned Australians to take the utmost care around water this holiday season.

More than half of all children in the US will likely live with an unmarried mother

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 23:00
More than half of all American children will likely live with an unmarried mother at some point before they reach age 18, according to a report issued by Princeton University and Harvard University.

Naming people and objects in baby's first year may offer learning benefits years later

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 23:00
In a follow-up to her earlier studies of learning in infancy, developmental psychologist Lisa Scott and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are reporting that talking to babies in...

CDC: indoor tanning among American youth is decreasing

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 07:00
Rates of indoor tanning among high school students in the US are falling, according to researchers from the CDC, who note that its popularity remains a concern.

Adult anxiety and serotonin transmission affected by early exposure to antidepressants

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 00:00
About 15 percent of women in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders and depression during their pregnancies, and many are prescribed antidepressants.

Certain parenting tactics could lead to materialistic attitudes in adulthood

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 23:00
With the holiday season in full swing and presents piling up under the tree, many parents may be tempted to give children all the toys and gadgets they ask for or use the expectation of gifts to...

Substance from broccoli can moderate progeria defects

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 23:00
Children who suffer from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) age prematurely due to a defective protein in their cells. The image shows two cell nuclei containing human DNA (blue).

Increased risk of salmonella in young children from pet reptiles

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 23:00
Around 1 in 4 cases of salmonella infection in pre-school children is associated with having a pet snake or other reptile, reveals a new study.

Antioxidant in broccoli 'shows promise' as treatment for progeria

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 02:00
An antioxidant present in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli could be a promising therapeutic avenue for children with progeria - an extremely rare, fatal genetic condition.

US children are safer, better-educated, and fatter

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 23:00
American children are generally safer and better-educated than they have been in 20 years, a new report from Duke University finds.

Teen contraband smokers more likely to use illicit drugs: Study

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 23:00
A University of Alberta economics professor has discovered a link between contraband cigarette use and illicit drug use among Canadian teens.

How music class can spark language development

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 23:00
Music training has well-known benefits for the developing brain, especially for at-risk children.

Domestic abuse during pregnancy likely affects baby

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 23:00
Domestic violence can affect children even before they're born, indicates new research by Michigan State University scientists.

Trends down for teen prescription opioid abuse, cigarette, and alcohol use

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 23:00
Use of cigarettes, alcohol, and abuse of prescription pain relievers among teens has declined since 2013 while marijuana use rates were stable, according to the 2014 Monitoring the Future (MTF)...