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Design could revolutionise spinal surgery

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 06:00
Researchers have designed a way to improve the safety and efficiency of a complex surgical procedure for children with cerebral palsy by using wearable technology like Google Glass.

Lithium safe, effective for children with bipolar disorder

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 00:00
Study in young patients confirms value of short-term use; results on long-term use forthcomingFast facts: Drug of choice for adult bipolar disorder appears safe for kids too Most...

Dyspraxia - "is it a battle of the sexes?"

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 23:00
Urgent call from national charity for greater awareness of dyspraxia among females as new survey shows they may be "slipping through the net"New findings released today [Monday 12 October...

When should pediatric residents consult supervisors on issues that come up after hours?

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 23:00
In most teaching hospitals, after-hours patient responsibility is covered by resident physicians, who are always able to call a supervising senior physician for advice on handling situations that may...

Antibiotic stewardship reduces C. diff in hospitalized children

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 23:00
Hospitalized children were three times less likely to become sick with Clostridium difficile (C.

Teens value results of genetic tests to inform future life decisions

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 23:00
The majority of adolescents in grades 7-12 would prefer to know the results of unanticipated findings found in whole exome sequencing genetic testing, even if the findings are not medically...

Do flame retardants cause attention problems in children?

Sun, 10/11/2015 - 00:00
Children born to women with high levels of PBDEs in their cord blood during pregnancy show elevated signs of attention deficiency. PBDEs were used as a flame retardant until 2004.

Pitt researchers to study impact of adolescent brain development and substance abuse

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 07:00
A research team in the department of psychiatry, at the University of Pittsburgh, has been awarded a $5 Million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to participate in a multi-site study...

Protecting newborn brains using hypothermia

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 04:00
A unique study at Children's Hospital Los Angeles of newborns treated with hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) - a condition that occurs when the brain is deprived of an adequate...

Researchers gauge heritability of childhood-onset autoimmune diseases

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 04:00
CHOP-led genomics analysis may advance disease risk assessments, precision medicine effortsScientists have calculated more precise measurements of heritability--the influence of underlying...

Adult high blood pressure risk identifiable in childhood

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 04:00
Groups of people at risk of having high blood pressure and other related health issues by age 38 can be identified in childhood, new research from New Zealand's University of Otago suggests.

EpiPens save lives but can cut like a knife

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 03:00
Epinephrine autoinjectors can be life-saving for patients experiencing anaphylaxis - a life-threatening emergency - but a new case series published online Tuesday in Annals of Emergency Medicine...

Treatment for rare bleeding disorder effective and well-tolerated, studies show

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 02:00
Two international studies show eltrombopag is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for children with persistent or chronic immune thrombocytopenia, a rare bleeding disorder.

One in 8 children at risk for measles, analysis shows

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 02:00
Undervaccination leaves nearly 9 million vulnerable to contagious diseaseGaps in measles vaccination rates place one in eight children at risk for becoming sick from the highly contagious...

Poor infant sleep may predict problematic toddler behavior

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 02:00
Tel Aviv University study finds frequent night wakings, broken sleep patterns are linked to trouble later onTemper tantrums and misbehavior, restlessness and inattention are the trappings of the...

Is a measles epidemic becoming more likely in the US?

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 00:00
Recent measles outbreaks in the US have led to concerns about the number of children not fully vaccinated. If coverage drops to 98% of its current level, an epidemic is possible.

Role of breast cell infection in flu transmission between mothers and breast-feeding ferrets

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 00:00
Influenza is known as an infectious respiratory disease, but a study published on October 8th in PLOS Pathogens suggests that infected cells in breast tissues could play a role in virus transmission...

Why are first-born children more likely to be nearsighted?

Thu, 10/08/2015 - 07:00
Though research suggests a first-born child has bragging rights for better education, the flip side may be increased chances of myopia, according to a new study.

New study suggests hallucinations, alone, do not predict onset of schizophrenia

Thu, 10/08/2015 - 07:00
An analysis of psychological symptoms aims to refine diagnostic criteria for teens at high risk of developing the brain disorder that affects millions of people worldwideDespite decades of study...

Irish study: only 1 in 6 mothers of obese children recognize their child as obese

Thu, 10/08/2015 - 03:00
A University of Limerick study has found that mothers of overweight and obese children struggle to recognize their child as overweight or obese.