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GOP senators: Arm Ukraine, hit Russian banks

Saying President Obama hasn’t been tough enough on Russia, a high-powered group of Republican senators introduced legislation on Wednesday aimed at imposing new sanctions on Moscow over its actions in Ukraine.

Quick facts: 4 days of storms across the US

A storm system that spawned tornadoes and sparked widespread flooding across states has been socking the U.S. for four days. Here are some quick facts and anecdotes on the system:

Experiment grows new muscle in men's injured legs

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists implanted thin sheets of scaffolding-like material from pigs into a few young men with disabling leg injuries — and say the experimental treatment coaxed the men's own stem cells to regrow new muscle.

For Kerchers, court reasoning a step toward truth

MILAN (AP) — For Meredith Kercher's family, the Italian court reasoning this week goes a long way to vindicating the account they have long and unwaveringly believed — that their 21-year-old daughter was murdered by American roommate Amanda Knox, her boyfriend at the time and a drifter.

Hundreds rescued from floodwaters in Fla., Ala.

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — People were plucked off rooftops or climbed into their attics to get away from fast-rising waters when nearly 2 feet of rain fell on the Florida Panhandle and Alabama coast, the latest bout of violent weather that began with tornadoes in the Midwest.

Jordan opens a massive refugee camp for Syrians

AZRAQ, Jordan (AP) — Jordan opened a third refugee camp Wednesday in the middle of the desert for tens of thousands more Syrians fleeing the civil war, highlighting the staggering strains the refugees are creating in the region.

Senate GOP blocks Dems' minimum wage boost

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans blocked an election-year Democratic bill on Wednesday that would boost the federal minimum wage, handing a defeat to President Barack Obama on a vote that is sure to reverberate in this year's congressional elections.

How much credit should the Occupy movement get?

NEW YORK (AP) — Glimmers of Occupy Wall Street will surface this week in a smattering of cities as activists join rallies for workers' rights, as they do every year on May Day.

Egypt's judges rebuff criticism of death sentences

Egypt's Justice Minister on Wednesday rebuffed international criticism of a mass trial this week in which some 680 defendants were sentenced to death, saying the judiciary is not a tool of executive authority and that rulings can be overturned upon appeal.

Amid massive security, Iraqis vote for parliament

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqis braved the threat of bombs and other violence to vote Wednesday in parliamentary elections amid a massive security operation as the country slides deeper into sectarian strife.

Actor Bob Hoskins, lauded for British mobster roles, dies at 71

British actor Bob Hoskins, whose roles ranged from London gangsters to FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and who starred opposite a cast of cartoon characters in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," has died after a bout of pneumonia, his publicist said on Wednesday.

Colorado eyes edibles rules as more people eat pot

DENVER (AP) — Colorado's marijuana experiment is threatened by the popularity of eating it instead of smoking it, leading the pot industry to join health officials and state regulators to try to curb the problem of consumers ingesting too much weed.