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Adam Silver's ban of Donald Sterling unites NBA

From the moment Adam Silver listened to those tapes of Donald Sterling, the NBA's commissioner understood the unmistakable and unprecedented breadth of his burden.

Iraq holds vote as it slides deeper into strife

BAGHDAD (AP) — A key election for a new Iraqi parliament was underway Wednesday amid a massive security operation as the country continues to slide deeper into sectarian violence, more than two years after U.S. forces left Iraq.

Economy is expected to improve as year progresses

WASHINGTON (AP) — The economy likely stumbled at the start of this year, but there's probably little reason to worry: Economists foresee a solid rebound with the end of a harsh winter.

Australia dismisses possible plane wreckage claim

SYDNEY (AP) — The Australian agency heading up the search for the missing Malaysian jet has dismissed a claim by a resource survey company that it found possible plane wreckage in the northern Bay of Bengal.