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Pistorius admits 'no reason' to fire fatal shots

In a pummelling cross-examination, the prosecution called Oscar Pistorius's account of killing his girlfriend "impossible" on Thursday, zeroing in on apparent inconsistencies in key parts of his testimony. "Your version is so improbable that nobody would ever think it's reasonably, possibly true it's so impossible," Prosecutor Gerrie Nel thundered during his second day interrogating the Olympian. Under intense questioning, Pistorius said police moved fans, put the duvet on the floor and opened the curtains when they came to his villa, implying they had tampered with the crime scene.

Possible fifth ping heard in Malaysia jet search

PERTH, Australia (AP) — An Australian aircraft Thursday detected what may be the fifth signal coming from a man-made device deep in the Indian Ocean, adding to hopes that searchers will soon pinpoint the object's location and send down a robotic vehicle to confirm if it is a black box from the missing Malaysian jet.

New findings suggest 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' not modern forgery

According to a newly published study in the Harvard Theological Review, the controversial fragment known as the Gospel of Jesus's Wife dates to between the sixth and ninth centuries and could possibly date back as early as the second to fourth centuries.

Police seek motive of school stabbing rampage

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — It was just before the start of class and the hallways were packed as usual with students at their lockers or chatting with friends.

Matt Bai: Scott Brown shouldn’t worry about carpetbagger label

The real reason modern politics so often seems to surprise those of us who practice or follow it closely isn’t because we lack for reams of granular data culled from the research of political scientists, or because we’re locked away in Washington and have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the country. It’s because we apply the wrong context to the question.