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Indonesia prostitutes resist red-light shutdown

SURABAYA, Indonesia (AP) — The mayor of Indonesia's second-largest city has officially shut down "Dolly," one of Southeast Asia's biggest red-light districts, but the world's oldest profession is still working despite warnings to stop.

As wars wind down, small-town cops inherit armored vehicles

Robert Shellmyer was relieved to see last week at his hometown’s 175th anniversary celebration that the local police department’s new prized possession was not driving alongside the tractors and floats in the parade.

US special forces face complex challenge in Iraq

WASHINGTON (AP) — Teams of U.S. special forces going into Iraq will face an aggressive insurgency, a splintering military and a precarious political situation as they help Iraqi security forces improve their ability to battle Sunni militants.

Hiker died of hypothermia on Mount Rainier

SEATTLE (AP) — A 70-year-old hiker who died of hypothermia in rugged terrain in Mount Rainier National Park over the weekend was experienced, prepared and knew the mountain well after having written dozens of stories about treks through the area.

Kerry back in Iraq, meeting with Kurdish leader

IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — The top U.S. diplomat returned to Iraq on Tuesday for the second day in a row, again trying to convince one of its political leaders that overhaul of the Shiite-led government is the best way to deflate a raging Sunni insurgency that is pushing the country toward civil war.

Daytime Emmys red-carpet banter turns dark

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When four social media divas were handed red-carpet and backstage interviewing duties for the Daytime Emmys, the result was anything but Hollywood magic.

Democrats clamoring for Hillary Clinton as midterms campaigner

By Gabriel Debenedetti WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facing a potential Republican surge at November’s midterm elections, Democratic candidates are clamoring for Hillary Clinton to join them on the campaign trail. In contrast, President Barack Obama is expected to have a muted role due to his dropping popularity. While Clinton undoubtedly wants to see her party do well on Nov. 4, a return to town halls and diners will give her a chance to test speech themes and flex her retail politics muscles ahead of her own likely run for president in 2016. Clinton's last campaign was in 2008 and she has looked rusty as she promotes her memoir "Hard Choices," stumbling over media questions about her personal wealth and lucrative speeches.

City tells app to stop auctions of parking spaces

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco's city attorney issued a cease-and-desist demand Monday to a mobile app called Monkey Parking, which allows people to auction public parking spaces that they're using to other nearby drivers.

VA challenged on handling of whistleblower charges

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top federal investigator has identified "a troubling pattern of deficient patient care" at Veterans Affairs facilities around the country that she says was pointed out by whistleblowers but downplayed by the department.

Neymar leads Brazil; Mexico also through

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil relied on its star Neymar for two early goals to beat Cameroon 4-1 Monday and reach the World Cup's knockout stage for a South American showdown against Chile, a 2-0 loser to the Netherlands.

US-Portugal game scores viewership goal

NEW YORK (AP) — The United States' 2-2 World Cup draw with Portugal is almost certainly the most-watched football game ever in the U.S., an emphatic confirmation of the sport's rising popularity in a country slower to embrace it than the rest of the world.

Racial politics churn Miss. GOP Senate runoff

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Race is roiling the Republican Senate runoff in Mississippi, a state with a long history of divided politics where the GOP is mostly white and the Democratic Party is mostly black.

Kerry hands dire warning to Iraqis over future

BAGHDAD (AP) — Warning of the "existential threat" posed by Sunni militants, Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the U.S. is prepared to take military action even if Baghdad delays political reforms, noting that the risks of letting the insurgency run rampant threaten dangers beyond Iraq's borders.

Lawyer in campus attack eyes insanity defense

An attorney gave notice that an insanity defense was being considered for a man charged with killing one student and wounding two others at a Seattle university.

US memo justifying drone killings is released

NEW YORK (AP) — The secret U.S. government memo outlining the justification for the use of drones to kill American terror suspects abroad was released by court order Monday, yielding the most detailed, inside look yet at the legal underpinnings of the Obama administration's program of "targeted killings."