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Gaza rockets fired as Israel-Hamas truce expires

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Gaza militants renewed rocket fire on Israel, after a three-day cease-fire expired on Friday and negotiations in Cairo on a new border deal for blockaded Gaza hit a deadlock.

Man guilty of murder in Michigan porch shooting

DETROIT (AP) — A suburban Detroit man who insisted he killed an unarmed woman on his porch in self-defense was convicted of second-degree murder Thursday after the jury rejected his tearful claim that he fired through a screen door in the wee hours because he feared his life was at risk.

Hawaii bracing as hurricane draws closer to island

HONOLULU (AP) — Barely holding on to hurricane strength, Iselle's outer edges brought rain and wind to Hawaii on Thursday as it approached landfall, poised to become the first hurricane or tropical storm to hit the island chain in 22 years and whose path another hurricane closely followed.

Sen. Lamar Alexander fends off tea party in Tenn.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Republican Lamar Alexander became the latest U.S. senator to fend off a tea party challenge in a primary race Thursday, defeating a state senator who had used a familiar tactic in trying to cast him as an out of touch insider.

CDC director: Scale of Ebola crisis unprecedented

WASHINGTON (AP) — The current Ebola crisis in West Africa is on pace to sicken more people than all other previous outbreaks of the disease combined, the health official leading the U.S. response said Thursday.

3 decades later, remains of Jonestown bodies found

DOVER, Delaware (AP) — More than 35 years after the infamous suicide-murder of some 900 people — many forced to drink a cyanide-laced grape drink — in Jonestown, Guyana, the cremated remains of nine victims were found in a dilapidated former funeral home in the U.S., officials said Thursday.

Westwood, McIlroy ride momentum at PGA

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Rory McIlroy showed no sign of letting up. Lee Westwood might just be getting started. Momentum was a big theme Thursday in the opening round of the PGA Championship, and it even applied to Tiger Woods.

FDA lifts hold on experimental Ebola drug

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. health authorities have eased safety restrictions on an experimental drug to treat Ebola, a move that could clear the way for its use in patients infected with the deadly virus.

Persecuted for ancient beliefs, Yezidis starve, die of thirst in mountains of Sinjar

A reported 50,000 Kurdish Yezidis are currently stranded on Sinjar Mountain, having fled after militants captured the town of Sinjar on August 6. Local reports say that up to 70 people of the Yezidis faith have died on the mountain a result of dehydration and starvation. Credit: YouTube/ANF (Firat News Agency)

CDC activates high-level emergency operation center for Ebola outbreak

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told lawmakers on Thursday he has activated the agency's emergency operation center at the highest response level to fight the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Dr Thomas Frieden testified at an emergency hearing that the CDC has more than 200 staff members in Atlanta working on the outbreak, and will soon have more than 50 disease experts in West Africa. Frieden said he was "confident there will not be a large Ebola outbreak in the United States." However, he said it was possible that people who have traveled to West Africa might bring the virus back home with them, and even spread it to some healthcare workers and family members. The two are now being cared for at Emory University in Georgia.

Aid workers raise concern over U.S. Ebola response

A humanitarian organization battling Ebola in Africa pleaded for help for more than a month before the well-publicized infections of two Americans finally prompted a response from the U.S. government.

US weighs airstrikes and humanitarian aid in Iraq

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is considering dropping humanitarian supplies by air to thousands of displaced religious minorities in northwestern Iraq who are under siege from Islamic militants, possibly in combination with U.S. airstrikes, according to U.S. defense officials and others familiar with the administration's thinking.