Medical Headlines

Medical News Today: Scientists discover key cells involved in touch sensation

Researchers have long known that the sense of touch is a result of sensory receptors sending signals through the nerve cells to the brain, but the exact mechanisms behind this process have been unclear. Now, scientists from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, NY, say they have identified the key cells involved in touch sensation.

Medical News Today: Researchers teach a computer to recognize 21 different human emotions

Ohio State University researchers have taught computers how to recognize 21 different human emotions from distinct facial expressions. If you did not realize there are that many feelings in our emotional vocabulary, however, then you may have forgotten about seemingly contradictory emotions, such as "happily disgusted" or "sadly angry.

Medical News Today: Drugs that reverse fibrosis in scleroderma step closer

Researchers say they have discovered a promising target for new drugs that might be able to reverse the fibrosis process in systemic sclerosis or scleroderma - a rare disease that cuts short the lives of many patients and for which there is no cure or effective treatment.

Medical News Today: Quick, simple blood test for solid cancers looks feasible

The idea of a general, quick and simple blood test for a diverse range of cancers just came closer to reality with news of a new study published in Nature Medicine.Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine have devised an ultra-sensitive method for finding DNA from cancer tumors in the bloodstream.