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Updated: 1 hour 10 min ago

Roof confession to be heard in court

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 06:43

The recorded confession could offer more insight into why Roof attacked the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last year.

Consumer confidence at a high after Trump win

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 06:27

It surges on the initial reaction to the president-elect's surprise win and relief the election is over, experts say.

Syrian civilians leave rebel area in Aleppo

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 06:19

Rebel defenses have collapsed after a wide-ranging government offensive and an intensive aerial campaign.

Defense Secretary Carter visits Afghanistan

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 06:13

"America is ... committed to a sovereign and secure Afghanistan," Ash Carter said during his surprise trip to the country.

SodaStream: Bottled water is 'marketing scam'

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 05:13

After launching a campaign called "Shame or Glory" featuring stars from "Game of Thrones," SodaStream receives six cease-and-desist letters.

Clinton decries rise of fake news in first speech since loss

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 23:20

In her first speech since losing the election, Hillary Clinton warns that false reports can have “real-world consequences.”

South Korean president is impeached in stunning fall

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 22:27

South Korean lawmakers vote to impeach President Park Geun-hye, a stunning fall for the country's first female president.

Alabama executes man convicted of killing store clerk

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 21:54

Ronald Bert Smith Jr., 45, was convicted of killing a convenience store clerk more than two decades ago.

Trump's campaign spent less than Clinton's

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 21:35

Trump's campaign spent about $94 million in its final push for the White House, according to new reports.

All-American John Glenn: Astronaut, fighter pilot, senator

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 21:11

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, but he was not the celebrity that John Glenn was.

Transportation Dept. considers in-flight calls

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 17:44

Here's a potential new reality on planes: Listening to another passenger chatting on a mobile phone.

Firefighter: Warehouse missing from fire-inspection records

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 17:20

The illegally occupied building where dozens of partygoers perished in a blaze may not have been checked for fire hazards.

Trump meets with Ohio State attack victims

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 17:19

The president-elect took on the somber task of consoling several people who were stabbed last week.

House hurriedly passes stopgap funding bill

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 13:36

With the prospect that the federal government could close at midnight Friday, the measure was approved 326-96.

Labor pick's 2013 remark at odds with Trump

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 13:35

Andrew Puzder, chosen to lead the Labor Department, defended immigration reform three years ago.

John Glenn 'lifted the hopes of a nation'

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 13:19

In 1962 the late astronaut became the first American to orbit the Earth,  helping jump-start the nation's space program.

Trump gets only one intel briefing per week

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 13:06

The president-elect typically receives far fewer intelligence briefings than his predecessors, sources say.

Fewer adults earn more than their parents did

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 12:43

"My parents thought that one thing about America is that their kids could do better than they were able to do," said one of the researchers.

Dylann Roof's mother suffers a heart attack

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 12:32

The mother of the Charleston, S.C., church shooting defendant collapsed during statements Wednesday, his attorney said in court documents.

Legendary astronaut John Glenn dies at 95

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 11:59

The former space explorer and U.S. senator made history in 1962 as the first American to orbit the Earth.