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Updated: 2 hours 41 min ago

Russia escapes blanket ban on Olympics

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 10:05

The IOC was investigating the Russian team after allegations of widespread state-sponsored doping in 2014.

DNC chair loses role after email leak

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 07:19

Debbie Wasserman won't participate in the Democratic convention after emails showed she actively tried to discredit Sanders' campaign.

3 injured after shooting near downtown Orlando nightclub

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 07:16

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida are investigating a shooting that happened early Sunday near a nightclub in downtown Orlando.

Russia escapes blanket ban on Olympics

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 06:07

The IOC was investigating the Russian team after allegations of widespread state-sponsored doping in 2014.

Munich shooter planned attack for a year

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 06:02

The teen attacker, identified as David S., took photos at the site of a school shooting in Germany.

Burned body found as wildfires menace Calif.

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 04:02

Detectives investigate the scene as fires raged in tinder-dry California hills and canyons.

Officials: Attack in Baghdad kills at least 14

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 03:44

A suicide bomber approached a busy security checkpoint on foot, then detonated his device.

Decision time: IOC to rule on Russia's status

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 01:56

The International Olympic Committee is set to announce whether Russia will be banned from the Rio Olympics.

Burned body found as wildfires menace Calif.

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 23:01

Detectives investigate the scene of a blaze north of L.A. that prompted the evacuation of 1,500 homes.

A deal to end the great superdelegate dispute

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 21:21

Campaigns for Sanders and Clinton agree to create a "unity commission" to revise the nominating process.

White supremacists energized by Trum

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 20:38

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke announces a bid for the Senate and likens his immigration policy to Trump's.

Trump: France, others may face 'extreme vetting'

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 20:08

People from countries hit by terrorism could be prevented from entering the U.S., he says in an interview.

Dangerous wildfires menace L.A. and Big Sur

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 17:45

Out of control blazes threaten more than 2,000 homes while smoke reduces the sun to an orange disk.

L.A. wildfire prompts hundreds of homes to be evacuated

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 11:59

The "Sand Fire" has nearly tripled in size in less than a day and is only 10 percent contained.

A beaming Hillary Clinton introduces Tim Kaine

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 11:21

Sen. Tim Kaine called Hillary Clinton his soulmate on Saturday, in his first appearance as her vice presidential pick.

Clinton VP pick Kaine tried to shame Congress on ISIS

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 10:32

In 2014, Clinton's new running mate asked his colleagues to put political risk aside and vote on Obama's escalating war.

Munich mall killer researched killing sprees

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 10:32

Described as calm and shy, he had 300 bullets in his backpack when he began shooting.

Clinton and Kaine make first appearance

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 10:08

Hillary Clinton introduces Virginia senator Tim Kaine, her pick for vice president, at a rally in Miami.

Boy Scouts thrive after easing of gay ban

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 08:06

The group is faring well nearly a year after it eased its ban on participation by openly gay adults.

Poll: Support grows for stricter gun laws

Sat, 07/23/2016 - 04:05

Americans increasingly favor tougher laws, but they also say change is unlikely to happen anytime soon, a survey shows.