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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

As HIV Patients Live Longer, Certain Cancer Risks Rise: Study

7 hours 7 min ago
Anal, colon and liver cancers more common now, researchers find

Parents Can Take Steps to Help Make Homework Less Stressful

7 hours 7 min ago
Establish a routine and review assignment directions when kids come home, expert advises

Making Sense of the Email Avalanche

7 hours 7 min ago
Researchers examine who responds to whom, how quickly, when and why

Eating After Dark: A Bad Habit or Medical Condition?

7 hours 23 min ago
When sleep disorders meet eating disorders, the combination can be a nightmare.  

FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness Outbreaks

8 hours 7 min ago
Duodenoscopes used at 2 Los Angeles hospitals carried drug-resistant 'superbug'

Poor, Minorities Spend More Time Waiting for Medical Care

8 hours 7 min ago
Findings may be due to differences in health care options, researchers suggest

Move More to Prevent Heart Failure

8 hours 7 min ago
Study suggests at least 45 minutes of daily activity necessary to lower risk by 20 percent

Health Care CEO: Telemedicine Will Continue to Grow

8 hours 29 min ago
Warner Thomas, CEO of Ochsner Health System, discusses the future of health care in New Orleans.

Study finds potential problem in more heart valve implants

10 hours 2 min ago
Doctors have discovered a potential problem involving implanted heart valves that hundreds of thousands of people have received. The valves do not always open and close properly, possibly because a blood clot has formed that could raise the risk of stroke.

Routine Screening for Child Abuse Might Spot More Cases: Study

10 hours 7 min ago
Further testing of all children with suspicious injuries could minimize misdiagnoses

Flu Vaccine May Also Protect Against Pneumonia

10 hours 7 min ago
Study suggests about 57 percent of hospitalizations for flu-related pneumonia might be prevented

Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Be Risky for Certain Surgery Patients

10 hours 7 min ago
Study found those without heart problems faced higher chances of heart trouble after non-cardiac operations

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Seems Good for Teen Hearts: Study

10 hours 7 min ago
High-power workouts improved blood vessel function, researchers say

FDA orders safety studies from scope manufacturers

11 hours 52 min ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health authorities are ordering manufacturers of specialized medical scopes to study how the reusable devices are cleaned following a series of life-threatening bacterial outbreaks at U.S. hospitals.

Building Bridges: The Transition From Pediatric to Adult Health Care

11 hours 57 min ago
Many youth aren't prepared to manage their own health care. How parents and providers can do better.

New Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' an Emerging Threat, CDC Says

12 hours 7 min ago
Evidence of CRE found in seven U.S. cities monitored by researchers

State Anti-Bullying Laws May Lead to Fewer Bullied Kids

12 hours 7 min ago
But laws alone won't prevent the behavior among children and teens, experts say

Hispanic, Poor Children May Have Greater Risk of Losing Eye to Cancer

12 hours 7 min ago
Study suggests disparities in care; rare disease typically uncovered during routine visits

Could Injection Be Used Someday to Spay or Neuter Pets?

12 hours 7 min ago
Mouse study shows promise for alternative to surgical sterilization for dogs, cats

How to Make Any Healthy Habit Stick

13 hours 27 min ago
Set yourself up for success with these four steps.